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Affiliate Program from Place-4-Papers.com: Find out Its Advantages

Our company providing custom writing services to students from all over the world is a confident leader in the custom-writing market. To attract even a bigger clientele base and maintain it on the same level, we have created an appealing affiliate program that encourages students to save money and even earn more to be able to afford custom papers. Our affiliate program is a manifestation of commitment, recognition, and honor to the clientele base who remain loyal to our services for many years. Our program is aimed to reward each client and show him/ her that it is possible to derive even more benefits from Place-4-Papers.com apart from mere high-quality papers. If you succeed in a promotional campaign that belongs to our affiliate program, you will definitely be able to save more money and buy custom writing from us more easily.

If you got interested in the idea to start cooperation with us, please get acquainted with the preconditions of our service. In order to get a superfluous opportunity to earn money with us, you will be involved in the promotion of our company to new potential clients. As such, share your experience with how you find cooperation with us as well as spread word about our advantages and benefits we provide. By being involved in this kind of work, be sure that you will earn bonuses and will be able to order custom papers for yourself.

What Our Company Provides:

  1. If you are an active member of our affiliate program and if you are involved in the promotional campaign for attracting new clients, you are guaranteed a 10% bonus for each first-time order placed by the new customer.
  2. In his/ her turn, the first-time customer gets a 17% discount for the first order placed on our website.

How Does It Work?

  • Open your personal cabinet by inserting your individual user name and password.
  • Click the “Affiliate Program” link and explore the general information and other facts provided there. When reading through the section, pay attention to such fields as promo code, email*, an affiliate program link.
  • Copy the link and send it to others who might be eager to know about our service.
  • Each client who receives the email will be able to use the promo code when placing the first order on our website. As such, a 17% discount is guaranteed.
  • The promo code can be activated only once because the client clicking the link will be remembered to the company’s system.
  • The discount is automatically activated, so you do not need to calculate anything manually.

*In the “My friends’ email” field, please try to indicate all email addresses of friends, classmates or acquaintances that you remember. Preferably, these people should be interested in custom writing and become potential clients of Place-4-Papers.com. 

Conveniences of Place-4-Papers.com Affiliate Program

The main advantage is the bonus system: you will get a 10% bonus for each paper bought from Place-4-Papers.com by a new customer whom you have attracted to us. You will be able to accumulate these bonuses and use them as a means of payment. If there are not sufficient bonuses to cover the whole payment, you can pay for the major part of the sum with money and partially pay with bonuses. A great competitive edge of our affiliate program is that you can withdraw the bonuses in the form of money via means of money transfer.

Merely dreaming and doing nothing will not turn your dreams and wishes into reality. So, do not hesitate and become a member of our affiliate program that will help you earn money and get access to our custom writing papers.