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Contemporary humans live in so convenient for laziness time. By this I mean washing machines, dish washers, vacuum cleaners, cars, food delivery services, and multicookers. Even shopping, chatting, and entertaining you can do without moving from your sofa. The Internet helps you. Of course, this progress is great and makes our lives much easier, but at the same time, we become couch potatoes adapted for nothing but sitting and lying.

The Importance of Movement

The first time I heard about the importance of motion was a TV interview with a doctor. He assumed that a passive lifestyle has an even worse influence on health than smoking and recommended moving intensively for at least 40 minutes per day. It can be jogging, riding a bike, swimming, playing football, aerobics and fitness – it doesn’t matter. You even can combine several within a week, but force your body to move to live longer and be physically sufficient after your 50.

Why Your Body Needs to Move?

Primarily, humans are created to move, gather food and hunt, be strong and defeat their families and homes. In due course, the process of socialization excluded many threats and shortages in human lives. Consequently, they relaxed, became idle and passive.

But physical needs have not changed and body still needs to move as it betters:

  • work of all health applications. Heart beats quicker, lungs breathe deeper, blood runs faster and nourish all cells of the body. The amount of toxin decreases with the sweating. Body calls for more water, which cleans kidneys and moistens cells.
  • endurance of bones, joints and muscles. The efferent system of our body is like the details of mechanical mechanism. It works well till it works but after a long break it breaks easily.
  • skin condition. Heart works quicker and pumps more blood. While you are moving intensively, it better reaches capillaries and nourishes skin cells. The result is fresh and glowing derma.
  • heart health. The work of the heart is vital for person’s good state of health. Nowadays heart diseases and cancer are two main reasons for human mortality in the civilized countries. Both problems are easier to prevent than treat. Thus, moving more is reasonable enough.

How to Move More with Busy Schedule?

Of course, the reason why people move less nowadays is not only laziness and comfort but high busyness too. When our ancestors worked more physically, our generation should cope with more creative and mental work. Even if your schedule is full of tasks, it is often possible to find time for more moves whether you have enough motivation. It may be hard to pass 40 minutes for exercises at once, but it is easier to have 4 times for 10 minutes per day.

I hope that this article provided enough arguments for you to start moving more. Be responsible for your mental and physical health. Higher your life longevity potential and lose a few kilos. The result will not be long in coming.

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