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CASE 10.2: Zappo’s customer service area and customer service as a business strategy

Zappos, as an online shoe and apparel marketing company, realizes that there is much power in the consumer service end. Mostaghel (2006) argues that customer service could be used as a strategic tool to market business in different companies and Zappos uses this throughout its conduct of business. Currently, Zappos has a dedicated customer loyalty department staffed by 380 employees whose sole job it is to communicate among the different departments of the company and with customers (Zappos website, 2012). These staff conducts related customer satisfaction services such as interfacing with the resource desk, order verifications, quality assurance, kaizen-continuous training to keep them updated and e-mail/live chat along with correspondence with other departments.

Customer loyalty team members send individual customers personal notes or request flowers for a wedding or anniversary celebration. The team issue refunds to dissatisfied customers or coupons to attract more to shop at the store. The major strategy here is to treat the customer respectfully as they know that a happy customer will always come back.

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CASE 10.3: Kimpton’s Environmental friendly strategy

Kimpton Hotels and restaurants have wholly embraced the concept of going green. The company stakeholders meet once a month on a voluntary level to strategize. Everything that is used at Kimpton is either environmentally friendly or has been recycled.

After the realization that there is too much wastage from the restaurants, the management adopted a going green policy where everything in these hotels is considered to be environmental friendly (Kimpton hotels website, 2012). Recycles range from water bottles to receipts used in the hotels and restaurants. Even the lighting used in the company is geared towards the minimization of costs. This has made the company realize profits that would have otherwise been devoured by wastage in the hotels.


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