APA style

APA Style for Dummies

APA formatting style is one of the most widely used ones. It was developed by the American Psychological Association and, as a rule, is used for formatting paper in Social Studies, Nursing, and Business. If you are only beginning studying and have no idea what kind of style APA is and what its peculiarities are, check out the following guidelines on APA requirements.

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Does Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Cannabis Can Cure Cancer: Truth or Myth?

Recently cancer has turned into a global pandemic. This disease is surely one of the scariest. According to the estimates of the WHO, 1 out of every 6 deaths happens due to cancer. This terrible disease is known as one that leaves no one indifferent and affects almost every person in its own way.

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Outdoor movie night

How to Have an Outdoor Movie Night

These warm summer nights are definitely to be enjoyed to the fullest. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and whole communities stay up late till night to delve into the marvelous summer night atmosphere. Sounds like the most magical time of the year, doesn’t it? Personally, I cannot think of any other time that is more favorable and suitable for movie nights. Therefore, I have listed a few tips that might help you organize such movie nights in your community.

What You Need to Know Before Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night?

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From A to Z essay writing

Writing an Essay: Beginnings and Endings

Coming up with ideas for writing an essay is actually not that much hard. The most challenging thing, however, is to write proper beginning and ending. Despite the fact that introduction is the very first paragraph of an essay, it is usually written after the body as it should be the most thought-provoking, inspiring, and dramatic. The same is with a conclusion – despite merely summarizing the paper’s ideas and content, it should not repeat the ideas in the same words. Thus, beginnings and endings of academic papers are the most challenging parts to write.

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