discussion board post
How to Write a Discussion Board Post: First-Rate Guidelines for Students

Teachers often advise their students to get a thorough understanding of the classroom content with the help of a discussion board. This space is created to boost cooperation and let the students take part in discussing different questions and topics relevant to their studies. It is a great tool for students who do not feel […] Read more >>

Effective Problem Solving Techniques
Effective Problem-Solving Techniques

Problem-solving is the mental activity that includes such stages as exploring the matter, scrutinizing the available data, and arriving at a decision. The chief purpose of this activity is to find an effective solution to a specific problem. The choice of the methods for resolving the issue greatly depends on the specifics of the situation. […] Read more >>

Chicago style
What is Chicago Style and How to Use It

If you are a student, following Chicago style probably means using footnotes and bibliographic entries in accordance with the rules designed by The Chicago Manual of Style or those described in Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers. However, if you are an advanced student or a professional writer, this also implies adhering to their capitalization and […] Read more >>

MLA Format Tips
MLA Format Tips and Guidelines

If you have grown tired of the continuous struggle with academic paper formatting and if MLA style is particularly challenging for you, you are in the right place – the article that you are reading now will shed light on the main tips and tricks concerning proper MLA formatting. Below you will find detailed and […] Read more >>

Critical Thinking Skills
How to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

The Importance of Critical Thinking Skills The key to a good education is not about memorizing content, but to take new information and finding creative ways to apply it. For instance, a child could memorize a poem, but it does not necessarily mean that they know what it actually means. Developing good critical thinking skills […] Read more >>

APA Style for Dummies
APA Style for Dummies

There is no way a student can graduate from college without creating at least one research paper. Of course, in reality, students write many more. For this reason, the knowledge of citation styles is indispensable. Knowing how to cite your sources does not only keep you organized but also helps you avoid problems associated with […] Read more >>

Tips for Writing an Essay
Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

An essay is a common academic task that is assigned in many classes. Even if you are going to enter college, you will need to write a personal essay. As such, this task is unavoidable for everyone. At the same time, some students find it rather challenging to cope with it because they cannot make […] Read more >>

Writing Assignments in Psychology
Writing Assignments in Psychology

Being a student of the psychology department or taking a course in this field is exciting and educational, as it implies processing tones of interesting information about the human psyche and brain and discovering new aspects of your own character. Along with reading and learning, a lot of writing is involved, and all sorts of […] Read more >>

How Procrastination is the Enemy of Every Student: Learn How to Manage Your Time Effectively

Wasting time is inherent in every student and there are many temptations to distract them. This is a feeling everyone is familiar with. Sitting in front of a blank computer screen longing you were elsewhere. But until you have written a certain number of words, you have to remain there … just get a coffee […] Read more >>

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