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Writing a research paper in a good way implies certain conditions one of which is having an excellent topic. It’s that important because students can rarely write good papers on the topics that they dislike. First motivation – then an achievement! However, before you’re ready to choose one of the topics below, you should first answer these questions:

  • Is it an interesting topic for me? How do I relate to it?
  • Have you heard something controversial or contradictive in mass media about this topic?
  • Where will I get information to make research? Will I be able to get enough data?
  • Does this topic meet my further research endeavors?

Having answered these questions thoughtfully you can go on to choosing one of the suggested outstanding research paper topic ideas:

Research Paper Topics on Marketing

  1. Marketing’s role in the healthcare industry: characteristic and trends
  2. Nostalgic marketing and retro design: how nostalgic trends influence the behavior of consumers
  3. Key peculiarities and characteristics of sports event marketing
  4. Impact of religion on tourism marketing
  5. Key characteristics of viral advertising
  6. Symbols as an effective tool in marketing in the example of Apple Company

Research Paper Topics on International Business

  1. Products and perspectives of Baidu
  2. How big corporations cheat with profits and taxes
  3. Financial state and perspectives of TATA Motors
  4. Netflix challenges in India and its strategies in developing markets
  5. Amazon’s management strategies for retail assortment
  6. Role of Ethereum in business processes

Research Paper Topics on Economics

  1. Principles of monopoly power, its regulations and functioning problems
  2. Causes of an Asian currency crisis in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and Indonesia?
  3. Federal reserve system’s influence on the economy of the US
  4. Should Bitcoin be classified as a legal currency?
  5. Estimated target market and competitive risk assessment

Medical Research Paper Topics

  • Role of children’s drawings in diagnosis somatic and psychological disorders
  • Influence of epidemiological monitoring on asthma treatment approaches
  • Evaluation of risk factors for osteoarthritis
  • Preventing and handling pain among newborns
  • Can proper dieting and nutrition prevent dementia?
  • The best treatment for HPV patients in reproductive age
  • The best therapy for children’s functional disorders of digestion

Research Paper Topics on IT and Technology

  1. Best ways to protect smart cars and automotive software against cyber attacks
  2. “NextGen” role in business aviation
  3. How can smart service and automation have a profound impact on HR services
  4. Big Data and the meaning of this technology for the market
  5. Strategies for sharing intellectual property
  6. The possible impact that virtual reality can have on business

Research Paper Topics on Business

  1. Bidding for a price and building trust in negotiations
  2. Do bonuses influence sales’ effectiveness?
  3. Reasons why competitors should collaborate
  4. Can millennials on top management position change the way we look at the business?
  5. A strategy that saved IBM from insolvency

These research paper ideas will help you. Good luck with your paper!


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