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Most of the academic assignments require objectivity, thoroughness, and bringing facts instead of own philosophy and point of view, but the informal essay is an exception. An author should emphasize personal acceptation of the problem, item,or event while writing it. Moreover, the well-done informal essay writing should bring a reader the perception of conversation with its creator.

Distinguishing Feature of Informal Essay

Informal essays often are like fiction writing and aim for the pleasure of both an author and the readers. They plan can be less rigid but still should be well-organized. They often omit less interesting and secondary information and allow the author to describe events in the random order. He/she can use metaphors, epithets, hyperboles, and other stylistic devices to make the story more absorbing and expressive.

Top Techniques for Brilliant Informal Essay Writing

  1. Foreshadowing

    Saying it in other words, it is the technique of creation of the suspense. Book writers and film directors often use it in their creations. The trump of it is that it allows keeping the readers’ attention from the beginning to the end. The use of this technique demands creativity and is not easy, but informal essays written with it are often regarded as masterpieces. The answer to the question “How to write an informal essay with this technique?” is that you should create the atmosphere of uncertainty, eventuality, and unpredictability. The feelings of exhilaration and thrill should accompany your readers continually.

  2. Time Inversion

    Informal essay lets the author break the chronology and start his/her story from the middle or from the end of the story and back to the beginning later. Overuse of time inversion can confuse the readers but its moderate usage attracts their attention. To cope with it, you should identify the most interesting moment of the story and start your essay with it. Do not bother if it is the end, because informal essay allows continuing with the beginning or the middle of the plot later if it logically suits your story.

  3. Narrowing of the Plot

    Each situation in life consists of several events. For example, you are reading a book in the living room, while your sister is talking on the phone, a cat is curiously looking through the window, and little brother is playing with a puppy. It is often important to distinguish several events and chose the most interesting and related actions of each to make your story full. Interconnect several stories into one to make your essay bright and vivid.

Informal essay is the only one kind of academic writing which allows you to preserve the sense of your personality, thus use this opportunity in full and make it as brilliantly as you can with the help of the techniques described above. Demonstrate your hidden talent of the fiction writer to your professor and class.

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