The Most Interesting Sports Research Paper Topics

Cannot choose the idea for your essay among sports-related research paper topics? This article has all you need! Here we have collected the most exciting and actual sport-related research paper topics that you can use as an idea for your own research. You can either choose a topic from the list and use it as it is or get inspired by it and come up with your own topic ideas. Below you will find topics on such sports areas as soccer, tennis, sports theory, sports medicine, doping, nutrition and sports psychology. Please find a list of sports research paper topics that you were looking for!

Research Paper Topics on Soccer

  1. Attacking strategies in soccer.
  2. Effective methodologies of training young soccer players.
  3. Differences in training approaches between male and female soccer players.
  4. Peculiarities of training goalkeepers.
  5. Common injuries of soccer players.

Research Paper Topics on Tennis

  1. Role of mental exercise in tennis player’s training.
  2. Methods of choosing potentially talented tennis players among the youth.
  3. Influence of competition among professional tennis players on their success.
  4. How tennis lessons influence memory of the student.
  5. Top 5 ways to increase reaction and speed for tennis players.

Research Paper Topics on Sports Theory

  1. Reasons why coaches and scientist should work together.
  2. Peculiarities of Asian sports culture.
  3. Differences between long interval and short interval training.
  4. Utilizing the sociological approach in sports leaders’ formation.
  5. Runner-athletes guide to success.

Research Paper Topics on Sports Medicine

  1. How absence of sports influences obesity and overall health.
  2. How fitness yoga influences women’s health in a period of menopause.
  3. Differences and similarities between the different methods of heart rate assessment.
  4. Causes of deaths in Olympic Games history.
  5. Role of Ayurvedic drugs in sports medicine.

Research Paper Topics on Doping

  1. How to detect anabolic steroids in sports.
  2. Influence of doping on cardiovascular disease risk factors.
  3. Most popular doping control tests.
  4. How steroids influence brain function and memory.
  5. Doping’s influence on professional cyclists’ health.

Research Paper Topics on Sports Nutrition

  1. How specialized diets for athletes are created.
  2. How a balanced diet for a weightlifter should look like.
  3. The role and effect of nutritional supplements in sports nutrition.
  4. How sports nutrition is organized in sports clubs and fitness centers.
  5. Peculiarities of young athletes’ nutritional support.

Research Paper Topics on Sports Psychology

  1. How neuro-linguistic programming is able to increase sportsmen results.
  2. Methods to develop concentration for shooting sports sportsmen.
  3. Psychological aspect of athletes’ posttraumatic recovery.
  4. Emotions and needs of female sportsmen.
  5. Actual state of sports psychology gender studies.
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