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Benefit from Our Service: Save 25%

Along with the first order offer - 15% discount (code firstpaper15), you save an extra 10% since we provide 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page.

Our custom writing company provides our new and regular clients with amazing service of progressive delivery. With an extra payment of just 15% to your total paper price, you will be able to manage your large and complex papers (of 20+ double-spaced pages and 10+ single-spaced pages) in a more effective and easy way.

We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of progressive delivery service:

  1. Your piece of writing will be completed by one of the best-rated writers and then edited and proofread by the most experienced editors;
  2. You will get a perfect chance to be professionally aided by a personal manager 24/7. He/ she will monitor how well your assigned writer progresses on your paper and will be able to assist you in case there appears an urgent need to contact the writer;
  3. You will be granted 30 days during which you could send revision requests for free after the deadline termination;
  4. You will receive your paper in parts before the due date (i.e. during the writing process, you will receive drafts and will be able to forward comments to the writer if needed).
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The Process of Getting Drafts

  1. For paper urgency of up to 4 days, you will get one draft after 50% of the deadline is over. The draft will contain 25% of the required paper volume.
  2. For the deadline between 5 to 11 days, you will receive two drafts. The first draft containing 25% of the required paper content will be forwarded to you after 25% of the deadline passes. The second draft containing 50% of the total paper volume will be delivered after 50% of the deadline timeframe.
  3. If the paper urgency is 12 days and more, then you will be forwarded three drafts during the writing process. The first draft comprises 25% of the demanded paper content limit and is uploaded when 25% of the deadline terminates. The second draft amounts to 50% of the required paper length and is sent to you when 50% of the deadline is over. The third draft contains 75% of the required paper volume and is sent to you after 75% of the deadline is over.

*The service costs an extra 15% to the payment for the order.

In case you would like to voice your specific individual preferences concerning how often you want to receive drafts or how many of them you need, you can discuss this issue with the personal manager who has been assigned to you.

VIP Services!

Try our VIP Services or become our VIP client, benefit from the incredible opportunity at a very reasonable price. Limited time offer – order our VIP package with a 20% discount.


You will get a brief and logical synopsis of the core aspects covered in your writing. As a rule, the summary amounts to 300 words (=1 page). The service will be particularly handy to you if you are expected to deliver a presentation or provide a report on your research.


A 300-word (for double-spaced papers) or a 600-word draft (for single-spaced papers) is provided to you after 50% of the deadline termination.

Extended Revision

When ordering this service, your free revision option will be extended from 2 days to 14 days.