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Hurricane Brochure

Florida is like a home for natural disasters. Tropical storms, tornadoes, and floods regularly visit Sunshine State. During the hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to November 30, there is a great risk of disasters. They are characterized by powerful winds, torrential rain, formation of high waves, and tornadoes. So it’s always better to […] Read more >>

The Second Wave of Feminism in the United States

This paper investigates the Second Wave of the Women’s Movement, including its causes, events, feminist formers’ thoughts, and specifics. The research area is the United States. Only the Second Movement’s Wave which had its roots in the First Wave at the beginning of the 20th century is considered. The feminist movement is regarded as one […] Read more >>

Bryan City
Bryan City-Texas: Community Assessment

Bryan is one of the cities located in Brazos County in the State of Texas. Being a metropolitan area, the city is inhabited by people of different races, including whites, African Americans, Asians, Indians, and other races. According to the United States national census conducted in 2010, Bryan City had a population of 76,201 (USCB, […] Read more >>

Intermodal Transportation
Actions to Improve the Security of Intermodal Transportation

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) reported that there was a substantial increase in terrorist activity in 2013, with more than 80% of lives lost. 2012 and 2013 showed the highest death toll from terrorism: 11,133 and 17,958 individuals respectively. The attacks on the World Trade Center made […] Read more >>

Human Influences on Biodiversity

Herbicides and pesticides are globally used to achieve the improved food production and reduce crops susceptibility to pathologies and plagues. However, these chemicals may also have various negative environmental influences: persistent application can decrease the productivity of soil, bioaccumulation may eradicate living organisms, and ground-water infiltration can contaminate water (Lichtfouse, 2011). In addition, herbicides and […] Read more >>

Implications of Home Country Culture and Institutions

The process of globalization has for a long time been assumed to bring about a kind of convergence of cultural, political, as well as economic aspects of life. As a consequence, within the globalization debate, international firms are usually presented as harbingers of global practices (Abraham & Patro 2014). This is reinforced by the fact […] Read more >>

Analysis of the Sheet Metal Bending Process
Analysis of the Sheet Metal Bending Process

Abstract This paper discusses the effects of friction between a punch and a sheet on the punch that is tied up with the die life, the influence of the clearance and sheet thickness on the punch die life. In addition, it offers some new methods of the sheet metal bending process that are cheaper and […] Read more >>

Petronas Towers in Malaysia
Petronas Towers

Introduction Characterized as one of the most famous sights in Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Towers attract tourists from various parts of the world to visit the city center of Kuala Lumpur. The twin skyscrapers, shaped as two corn cobs, are an example of modern architecture. More than just a distinctive town’s landmark, the buildings are […] Read more >>

The Role of Maids in the United Arab Emirates

In the current societal setting, it is almost an inevitable practice to hire the services of maids. Most households prefer to secure permanent services with specific individuals, while others make the decision to acquire only half-day services. The type of arrangement chosen often depends on the time schedule of the parents or the guardians of […] Read more >>

Japanese Calligraphy

Introduction “Language becomes music through the flowing pen of Arthur Baker’s calm and facile hand” (Baker 1). This is an extract from Arthur Baker’s book which tries to show how calligraphy brings life to writings. Calligraphy has been in existence for a long time, especially among the Chinese and the Japanese. It is believed that […] Read more >>

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