Book Summary: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

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Book Summary: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

Geisler and Turek start their book with the principal assertion that all people have their sets of beliefs that differ. Appealing to sound reason and mind, the authors present the readers with the religion of Christianity. The theorists are eager to persuade people that it is possible and even vital to find the absolute truth. […] Read more >>

A Random Walk Down Wall Street Report by Burton Malkiel

The book A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel may be referred to as one of the most outstanding amongst the current classics books about stock investing. The main concept of the book concerns the fact that the stock market is pretty productive, and the majority of humankind is wasting their time attempting […] Read more >>

Economics: The User’s Guide by Ha-Joon Chang

Introduction The global economy refers to the economy of the whole world in totality, involving the exchange of goods and services in the international arena. However, it is worth noting that the global economy also refers to the individual national economies that make the aggregate economy of the world collectively. The world economy is measured […] Read more >>

Outline: Western European Scholarship and the Middle East

The book Contending Visions of the Middle East: The History and Politics of Orientalism written by Lockman (2010) delineate the development of Western knowledge about the Middle East and Islam. The scholar, in the first half of this study, discusses the West scholarship imagination of the Middle East starting from the twentieth century. In the second […] Read more >>

Is Nursing a Profession
Is Nursing a Profession?

Abstract This paper scrutinizes the question of whether or not nursing should be referred to as a profession. The final conclusion shall be made after extensively reviewing the qualities of a profession proposed by Joel and Kelly in their book. The paper begins with an abstract that clearly summarizes the whole work, which later is […] Read more >>

Craig Olson and Eileen Walsh Handling the Sick
Book Review: Handling the Sick: The Women of St. Luke’s and the Nature of Nursing

Tom Craig Olson and Eileen Walsh are famous writers and scientists who became famous after publishing their book Handling the Sick: The Women of St. Luke’s and the Nature of Nursing, 1892-1937 in 2004. Eileen Walsh wrote a number of books dedicated to different practical issues in the field of general biology. Tom Olson’s most famous book […] Read more >>

Daring to Care written by Susan Gelfand Malka
Daring to Care by Susan Gelfand Malka

The famous book Daring to Care written by Susan Gelfand Malka analyzes the impact of the second wave of feminism on a nursing sphere that began in the 1960s. According to the author, this movement gave autonomy and professional status to nurses. Malka (2007) marks two periods in the history of nursing. The first period she […] Read more >>

Masculinity in Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms

Ernest Hemingway himself was perceived as a macho and an extremely virile person who looked in a very masculine way, sporting beard and being muscular and sturdy built, and was a womanizer. Therefore, his oeuvre is often viewed primarily as proclaiming masculine values, such as authority, courage, decisiveness, duty, and others, and featuring submissive and fragile women. […] Read more >>

The Long Road of Womans Memory one of Jane Addams books
The Long Road of Woman’s Memory

The noble profession of a social worker was pioneered by Jane Addams, the author of The Long Road of Woman’s Memory. She, alongside other like-minded individuals, saw the need to improve the welfare of the society through enhancing an individual’s wellbeing, in the process of empowering them to meet their basic human needs. The Long Road […] Read more >>

Getting To Yes Negotiating An Agreement Without Giving In by Fisher and Ury
Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement without Giving in

Negotiation is a daily activity, in which all people engage, though many of them do not even realize it. The main purpose of communication is reaching an agreement on the issue at hand. The process, however, does not guarantee that the parties involved in the exchange of messages will automatically come to an agreement. It […] Read more >>