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nursing philosophy
Personal Nursing Practice Philosophy

Nursing practice is one of the most demanding areas in the medical sphere, which requires vast knowledge and good decision-making skills. This part of a healthcare system demands lifelong studying, practice, and career development. The personality of a nurse is usually unnoticed due to the authority of a doctor, though the nurse’s contribution and responsibility […] Read more >>

Reflective essay Web Media Production
Reflective essay: Web Media Production

Web media production (WMP) is a rapidly growing field of communication in today’s contemporary society. Current with the increase and diversification of Internet connectivity in numerous parts of the world, there is a gap to satisfy millions of persons with sufficient media content. In most cases, WMP is intended for web distribution, development of the […] Read more >>

Conceptual and Instrumental Aspects
Final Reflective Paper on the Conceptual and Instrumental Aspects

Within the framework of the current paper, I am going to address the key insights that I have gained in the course of studying and embracing this unique atmosphere. This is a reflection paper that dwells on the core concepts that were learned during the course and which are the most appealing to me; it […] Read more >>

Organizational theoretical orientations
Organizational Communication

Introduction Organizational theoretical orientations are perspectives used by employees and other stakeholders to regard work and related organizational processes. Organizational orientation is significant in its ability to achieve and sustain its competitiveness. Some of the organizational theoretical orientations include human relations, human resources, systems, classical management, critical, and cultural. It is important to highlight that […] Read more >>

Reflective Essay: Writing Course

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your writing course. Prior to this class, my writing was rather careless and unimaginative. It surprises me now that I have never noticed how shallow my arguments were and how clumsily I used to formulate my thoughts before. I would not have believed that my writing […] Read more >>

The Scholarship and Living in America

One of the most memorable moments in my life is when I had acquired a scholarship to study in the United States. For me, this country was something that is so far away and to go there was unreal and impossible. On Monday, 2009, I waked up early in the morning to attend chores, the […] Read more >>

Learners and Learning

Institution of Learning All individuals are acknowledged that education in a second language does not only involve teaching and learning grammar, vocabulary, and phonology to ensure the complete acquisition of language, but also certain features of the learners’ first language, culture, its similarity to the language shape, speed and quality of acquisition. Students from Eastern […] Read more >>

Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory

The knowledge of motivation as a whole and its main elements can play a crucial role in a person’s life. The paper focuses on the aspects I consider to be the most interesting and useful for my future. In particular, it discusses Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory and Management by Objectives (MBO), the parts I would like […] Read more >>

Reflective Paper: Decision-Making Process

Executive Summary The smartphone industry is booming with new companies entering the market. Samsung and Apple are the leading companies worldwide, however, in the Asian market, new businesses have emerged, and they are competing with these two giant manufacturers of smartphones. In the communications and technology industry, change is inevitable. Companies in this industry have […] Read more >>

Reflective Assessment: Importance of Teamwork

The importance of teamwork is tremendously high in the business world. It does not matter how good the business idea could be, only a team of professionals in different spheres is able to implement this idea into a prosperous business. The technological breakthroughs in information technology have made possible the implementation of such an advanced […] Read more >>

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