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Jewish Humor
Jewish Humor

Contemporary American pop culture and cinema trends, in particular, are often based on Jewish artistic conceptualization, as 80% of contemporary movies refer to fundamentals of Jewish humor, comedy, and drama. This evidence is also supported by the fact that many artists, actors, and directors have Jewish origins. Consequently, it can be stated that modern pop […] Read more >>

Fiction and Reality in Modern and Contemporary Art

Up to the present time, it remains hard to understand the role of the aesthetic illusion in art. The question is in the dependence and interconnection between illusion and reality. All the time, artists try to draw and paint realistic images. This realism tends to be the “only truth.” At the same time, it becomes […] Read more >>

Landscape-Painting-as-an-Expression-of-American-Patriotism (19th-century)
Landscape Painting as an Expression of American Patriotism and Values in the Middle of the 19th Century

Art reflects the processes that take place in society. In the 19th century, American society lived in an optimistic mode concerning the role of America in world history and understanding of its higher fate. A cultural context researched by a number of scholars reveals a national idea and ardent religiousness behind the landscape paintings of […] Read more >>

Analysis of Thomas Campion’s Career as a Writer

Analysis of Thomas Campion’s Career as a Writer and His Famous Works Based on the Critique Books and Articles The bibliographic essay represents the analysis of Thomas Campion’s career as a writer, based on the critique books and articles, which explicitly describe the development of Campion’s skills in poetry and songs composing. Thomas Campion was […] Read more >>

Walter Dean Myers
Walter Dean Myers Research Paper

Biographical Summary Walter Dean Myers is an African American nonfiction author, who for a long time was one of the dominant writers in the world of literature. His journey to the success that he enjoys today has been rough and tumultuous. Walter was born in West Virginia about 75 years ago. Upon the death of […] Read more >>