Public Dialog in a Networked Age

Public Dialog in a Networked Age
Public Dialog in a Networked Age

Social network Facebook has launched a special mechanism to combat fake news due to its recent increase and negative effect on the public opinion. This was announced in the company’s official statement. One of the reasons for this decision was the fact that Facebook was heavily criticized after the victory of Donald Trump’s presidential elections […] Read more >>

The Effectiveness of Learning Objects in Online Environment

Literature Review This study was aimed at exploring the efficiency of Learning Objects (LOs) in an online environment. This efficiency was determined by establishing whether lecture videos enhance the comprehension of information, if tutorial videos enhance the motivation for learning and whether project examples assist in the learning process. This literature review, therefore, highlights several […] Read more >>

Fault-Tolerant Computing

Introduction Moore’s law asserts that the processor speed or the computational power of the processors or computers will double every eighteen months. The law was attained after a careful analysis of the transition in the computing field that was geared toward achieving high performance in computers. However, no matter the processing power of a single […] Read more >>

Algorithmic Trading

Introduction Nowadays, the integration of computing to the corporate sector has been a major concern for business establishments. In fact, this issue has been a top priority for most organizations since the second half of the twentieth century. With this in mind, it is worth noting that these trends have been maintained over the last […] Read more >>

The Global Smartphone Market

Apple iPhone and the Global Smartphone Market The global smartphone market has undergone an enormous increase during recent years demonstrating that the quantities of shipments have elevated by 52 percent in 2015, which allows surpassing the 1 billion unit threshold and standing for $296 billion in value (Capatina & Draghescu 2015, p. 61). It is […] Read more >>

AT&T Company Analysis

AT&T History AT&T is a US-based telecommunications company. It is listed on the American stock market as among the Standard & Poor’s 500 firms. According to the S&P 500, it is ranked 23rd globally using its revenues, profits, assets and market value. In the global telecommunications industry, it is ranked 18th with approximately 126.4 million […] Read more >>

Information Assurance Project: Essential Body of Knowledge

Introduction Over the past several decades, technological advancement has enhanced the rates at which the world societies transform into the digital culture. As a result, there exist huge disparities in the composition of the Information Technology (IT) security workforce. As a result, it leads to various natural consequences which include variations in training, expertise, and […] Read more >>

Computer Sciences Technology: Cryptography Q&A

Part A: Cryptography Encryption What is encryption? Encryption is an activity of transforming electronic data or information into another form known as ciphertext that makes it unreadable by anyone except the intended recipient (Konheim, 2007). What is encryption used for? Encryption is used for safeguarding sensitive information as it moves from the sender to the recipient […] Read more >>

Review of Payroll Function: Chic Paints Ltd

Chic Paints Ltd Terms of Reference The current paper examines the requirements concerning internal control and application of the accounting system of the company engaged in the paints industry. The range of emphasized refers to the verification of accurateness and thoughtful consideration of crucial aspects of AAT accounting qualification. This report notifies the practical meaning […] Read more >>

End-of-Life Computers Reverse Logistics

Introduction The rapid enhancement in technologies in the construction of computers paved the way for greater cost-efficiency. Thus, computers are becoming more powerful and affordable. The relative high-computing power of 21st-century computers increases their value; therefore, the demand for the goods will go beyond the expected level in the past years. At the same time, […] Read more >>