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Feminist Media

The media is believed to be the most persuasive tool that has many influences on how women and gender are viewed. This has great impact on daily lives of people. The media insinuates the consciousness messages at every instinct. However the images of sexes, many of which are stereotypical, unrealistic, and with limiting perceptions are […] Read more >>

Strategy, Policy and Practice in the Nationalisation of Human Capital: ‘Project Emiratisation’

The article “Strategy, Policy and Practice in the Nationalization of Human Capital: Project Emiratisation” by Kasim Randeree discusses the process of Emiratisation and attempts of nationalization of the UAE economic sector. The UAE faces many challenges, including troubles in demographics employment of foreigners vs. national workforce, issues of sustainability, educational patterns as well as gender […] Read more >>

Effect of Enalapril on Survival in Patients with Reduced Left Ventricular Ejection Fractions and Congestive Heart Failure

Abstract Congestive heart failure affects many people globally. In the United State, many people are affected by the disease. Most patients with the condition have lower ejection fraction. These conditions predispose patients to frequent hospitalizations. Additionally, the disease has been associated with higher mortality among the victims. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are efficient in managing […] Read more >>

Marketing Research: Tracking Technology Sheds Light on Shopping Habits

Today, commerce becomes more sophisticated and unusual than it used to be many years ago. The digital era makes it possible to make experiments and introduce new ways of impressing customers based on the precise analysis of their needs, interests, and aspirations. The article written by Elizabeth Dwoskin and Greg Bensinger analyzes the inclusion of […] Read more >>

Developmental Counseling and Therapy
Article Critique: Developmental Counseling and Therapy

Abstract Like all normal adults, schoolchildren experience various circumstances and events that might affect them negatively. These issues range from the challenges of living in blended families to parental divorce, child abuse, and even substance abuse among parents. This places these children at a higher risk; thus, there is a reason they require remediation. It […] Read more >>

Study Critique Acute Renal Failure in Critically Ill Patients
Study Critique: Acute Renal Failure in Critically Ill Patients

Introduction According to Coughlan et al. (2007), it is crucial to critique the literature in spite of the fact that the evidence seems to be reputable. Specifically, the time changes and new information overshadows the former. The sole aim of critiquing is to vividly highlight various points of a problem that ought to be studied, […] Read more >>

Blended Learning in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

Article critique: Blended learning in higher education in Saudi Arabia The purpose of this paper is to perform a critical appraisal of an article titled Blended learning in higher education in Saudi Arabia: A study of Umm Al-Qura University published by Almaki Aidd Mohammed. This article critique comprises the abstract, the introduction, the literature review, […] Read more >>

Best of Globalization

The article “Harnessing the Best of Globalization” by William Kerr informs the readers about the opportunities for businesses to become global. The phenomenon of globalization has been a major topic at the beginning of the 21st century. Many companies have been trying to take benefits of the opportunities to grow beyond the borders of their […] Read more >>

Business Excellence Course

Summary Quality and business excellence awards that recognize a high level of performance have emerged as an essential component of the productivity and quality promotion strategies of many countries. The article evaluates 76 national as well as three regional award programs that are used to be given to the best business performers in different countries […] Read more >>

Operations Research Challenges in Forestry

Operations Research Challenges in Forestry: 33 Open Problems Purpose of the Article Forestry and operations research (OR) have developed a symbiotic relationship over the years. Scholars working in this sphere have sought to investigate the interdependent relationship between them with forestry creating challenges for OR, and OR developing models and method-based solutions for forestry. With […] Read more >>

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