Banking Law Exam Questions

Question 1 (a): In offering protection in the cheque transactions to all the parties whereby Maria Smith will have the transaction go through and the other party, Fluffy Duck Pty Ltd, does not deny the completion of the transaction, several aspects of Cheques Act 1986 (Cth) come into play. Firstly, there should be an unconditional […] Read more >>

Culture, Society and Religion of India/South Asia

Question 1 The caste system in South Asia and India, in particular, is one of the main dimensions of dividing people in the region into classes on a religious basis. It is prevalent in India since there is mainly a Hindu practice there. In India, the caste system is a closed frame that constitutes the […] Read more >>

Political Sociology Final Questions and Answers

Response to Question One: Types of Authority Today’s social rulings have a set of laws whether written or verbal. In a school environment, there is a definite hierarchy of power. The principal or president act likes the CEO of the company as he or she has the authority to make major decisions in the school. […] Read more >>

Apple Company
Apple of Your I: Questions And Answers

Which of Porter’s Four Competitive Strategies Does Apple Engage in? Explain. The relative positioning of firms within the industry verifies whether a company’s profitability is above or below the industrial average. The fundamental principle of the above-average long-term profitability of a business is a sustainable competitive advantage. Porter asserts that firms can employ four generic […] Read more >>

Burberry Company
Burberry Q&A

Questions and Answers on Burberry Company 1. How is Burberry perceived in the marketplace? How does the present image compare to the past and the factors which made the brand successful? Thomas Burberry, the founder of the company, when opening his small outfitter’s shop might not imagine that, with time, it would grow into a […] Read more >>

Computer Sciences Technology: Cryptography Q&A

Part A: Cryptography Encryption What is encryption? Encryption is an activity of transforming electronic data or information into another form known as ciphertext that makes it unreadable by anyone except the intended recipient (Konheim, 2007). What is encryption used for? Encryption is used for safeguarding sensitive information as it moves from the sender to the recipient […] Read more >>

Questions and Answers Global Strategy

Global Strategy Chapter 1 Question There are several steps the United States can take to ensure that it remains India’s biggest trading partner even with the rapid rise of China as a global player. The first method is that American firms should embrace discipline in their innovativeness in their operations. American companies are known for […] Read more >>

Q&A Final Exam SOCY

Sociology Question 1A The process of claims-making plays a pivotal role as long as it initiates the entire phenomenon of social change. Social change leads to addressing some social problems so this process implies that a particular social entity starts analyzing some social issues. In other words, a social entity finds some issue to be unsatisfactory […] Read more >>

Business and Economics Questions and Answers

Part A Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false and explain why. 1. If consumers expect the price of houses to be significantly higher next year, the current demand for houses will increase. TRUE A shift along the demand curve can occur due to changes in consumer expectations in regard to the […] Read more >>

Historical Questions-Answers

1) In what ways was Christianity shaped by Judaism, Greek philosophy, Rome and Eastern mystery religions? Christianity started with Jesus of Nazareth who was a Jewish prophet and also a teacher who came to be believed as the son of God. Jesus taught in Israel during the time of Augustus urging for purification of the […] Read more >>

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