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The Effects of Flights Ranges

AVIATION 3 Outline Introduction: Flight length in aviation refers to the length of time an aircraft is airborne. During a long-haul flight, a jet is airborne from 6 to 12 hours. An ultra-long-haul flight lasts more than 12 hours. Both long-haul and ultra-long-haul flights have physical, psychological, and social effects on the passengers on board […] Read more >>

First Aid and Driving
First Aid and Driving

Introduction Сurrently, the issue of the necessity of first aid training for professional drivers causes much dispute all over the world. Approximate first aid training programs are developed by the executive authorities, carrying out the legislative regulation in the health care sphere. The official statistics shows that there is a correlation between road safety and […] Read more >>

Campus Carry
Campus Carry

Abstract Campus carry, a law offering university students to carry guns while following the set criteria on how, when, and where, is a hot issue of debate not only in institutions of learning but also across the nation. Since the debate is central to the security of the nation and is a provision in the […] Read more >>

Comparing Local state Finances and Taxes between the United States and Saudi Arabia
Comparing Local/State Finances and Taxes between the United States and Saudi Arabia

Finances and Taxes of the United States and Saudi Arabia Introduction The main difference between countries with the Islamic economy and economies of other world countries consists in the fact that they are based on the theological and legal postulates. The actual behavior of economic entities is built not only on the precepts of the […] Read more >>

A Critical Review on Shoplifting Research

Shoplifting is a global phenomenon experienced by various retail outlets from the existing global multinationals to local, small-scale retail providers. The term regards the act of stealing goods from an existing retail establishment. It is also common to name it with various other terms, i.e. shrinkage, five-finger discount, or boosting, within the prevailing retail industry. […] Read more >>

International Contract of Sale of Goods: Parts and Peculiarities

International Contract of Sale of Goods was designed in order to harmonize the laws to be followed when carrying out any international commercial activities. This paper seeks to prove whether international laws assist or mar the progress of international trading activities. It is organized into different sections. The introduction offers some background information on the […] Read more >>

Observational and Situated Learning

Observational and situated learning are two ways that help to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge. Entrepreneurs learn entrepreneurial skills through these ways, in most cases, combining them. Observational learning involves studying by following a role model who used to be or remains an entrepreneur. The performance of the model affects learners differently. Situated learning involves the learner’s […] Read more >>

Political Advertising Policy
Political Advertising: Policy Issue in Marketing

Introduction Commercial advertising plays a crucial role in the current business environment. It is pervasive in various forms of media with the aim of influencing a targeted audience (Johnson-Cartee & Copeland, 2013). A vital characteristic of commercial advertising is that it is directed by rules and formal guidelines, which exist for conducting commercial advertising. As […] Read more >>

Enron Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse

Introduction Despite the fact that Enron was declared bankrupt more than ten years ago, its impact on ethical standards and corporate governments has never faded. Enron rose from an unknown company to become one of the largest energy corporations not only in the United States but also worldwide. It was once ranked on the Fortune […] Read more >>

Craig Olson and Eileen Walsh Handling the Sick
Book Review: Handling the Sick: The Women of St. Luke’s and the Nature of Nursing

Tom Craig Olson and Eileen Walsh are famous writers and scientists who became famous after publishing their book Handling the Sick: The Women of St. Luke’s and the Nature of Nursing, 1892-1937 in 2004. Eileen Walsh wrote a number of books dedicated to different practical issues in the field of general biology. Tom Olson’s most famous book […] Read more >>

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