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In order to understand how to write a descriptive essay, it is necessary to know that the main purpose of such a paper is to create a lucid image of a person, object, place, etc. There is a clear distinction between a descriptive essay and a narrative one. While the former tells a story with the aim of conveying the main idea, the latter decipher the author’s message through the vivid portrayal of the discussed issue. When producing a descriptive essay, one needs to use different literary devices and language means to engage readers.

What is a descriptive essay? This question often bothers those who have to write such a paper. It should be noted that preparing a descriptive piece of writing is a great chance for students to fully express their creativity. You are free to use epithets, comparisons, metaphors, etc., to make your text impressive.

If readers feel they know the person you are portraying or recognize the place you are describing, then your paper is fantastic. If readers understand how important the described subject is, it means you have found a proper answer to the question “What is the purpose of a descriptive essay?”

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Mind that creating a good descriptive essay requires possessing superior writing skills. You need to arouse readers’ strong emotions so that they can clearly imagine what you are depicting.

One of the main features of a descriptive essay is subjectivity. Thus, you can openly express your opinion about the examined subject. This is you who determine the direction of your paper. You should help readers understand that it is worth being aware of the analyzed subject. Moreover, when writing the paper, do not be afraid to be imaginative. Develop your topic in the way you want. Nevertheless, the main rules of writing academic papers should not be neglected. Your essay has to be written in formal language. Furthermore, it is necessary to examine the subject in detail before writing an essay. The next step is to create a clear outline that will help you thoroughly discuss each point of the paper. By the way, you should know that there are many helpful descriptive essay writing prompts which you should use when creating your work. Thus, you will learn to write a superb paper. You can find out more about writing descriptive essays in our article “Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay”

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