Discussion Board Post Writing

It does not matter if you are a student or simply an owner of your own business, the Internet certainly shapes your learning and professional experiences. You read dozens of blog every day, but can you write a discussion board post on your own? In most cases, a discussion board is where fellow students come together to learn more about themselves. Discussion boards are not about writing formal papers or meeting some academic or referencing requirements. Rather, they provide a valuable space for online discussions. Students can ask questions and provide answers. If you want to improve your discussion board writing skills, follow our easy steps.

7 Easy Steps for Writing a Perfect Discussion Board Post

  1. Determine the purpose and intent of the discussion board post
  2. Get ready to write
  3. Follow the requirements for your discussion board posts
  4. Express your viewpoint
  5. Rely on facts and evidence
  6. Write down and publish your organized response
  7. Don’t miss the deadline

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Determine the purpose and intent of the discussion board post

When you attend classroom meetings, visit lectures or participate in group seminars, you always discuss some specific topic or subject. The same relates to discussion board posts – you must know the subject and purpose of the discussion to be able to contribute to it. Thus, before you write your discussion board post, read what others have posted. Respond to their queries. Contribute to their analysis of the problem or subject.

Get ready to write

You must be sure that you are ready to produce a well-organized and easy-to-read discussion board post. This is why you must prepare yourself for writing. Make a point. Think of your opinion or perspective. Be consistent and respectful in your judgments.

Follow the requirements for your discussion board posts

Before you write a single word, you must read your professor’s requirements. Of course, a discussion board is a good space for free and alternative conversations with fellow students. However, it does not mean that you can ignore what your professor expects or requires from you. Most likely, you will have to answer some questions and provide relevant evidence in your post. It is also likely that you will need to respond to at least two peers to meet your professor’s grading requirements.

Express your viewpoint

You must be clear about your opinion or perspective on the problem. Otherwise, you will not be able to produce a coherent and compelling response. Besides, you will have to justify your perspective, using theories and evidence from your class readings. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your professor. It is always better to clarify any issues before you finish writing your post.

Rely on facts and evidence

When you want to defend your viewpoint or opinion, the best you can do is relying on evidence. Facts are everything. They will always add power and strength to your discussion board post. Do not hesitate to take evidence from peer-reviewed sources. However, do not forget to cite and reference all external data properly. Discussion board posts may not be as formal as academic papers. However, they do not relieve your responsibility for proper referencing and formatting. You must be sure that your fellow students and your professor can locate the sources that you have used to back up your claims. You can also use online resources for automatic referencing and citations. In any case, just make sure that you credit others for their contribution to your discussion post. Those who read your post may also want to use your references when responding to your questions or developing a counter argument.

Write down and publish your organized response

  • When you are working on your discussion board post, you will have to use all resources and information that is available to you to create a compelling argument. Format and structure your paragraphs properly. Use bullet points where necessary. Spellchecker can help you improve the quality of your writing. Check your discussion board post for grammar mistakes as well. Of course, if you have difficulties using some advanced text processing tools, you can always rely on familiar Microsoft Word. However, do not expect it to correct all your mistakes. You will have to review each and every word of your post before you publish it.
  • Do not ignore the rules and instructions for your discussion post. Always follow the established rules. Your professor will tell you what you need to do to produce an A+ discussion board post. For example, if you are supposed to answer three questions using evidence from journals, you will have to follow these requirements. Besides, most professors develop a set of standardized rules for all discussion board posts. Make sure that you are familiar with them and follow them, word for word.
  • Your posts must be meaningful. It is not enough to say, “That’s true” and “oh, yes, I agree with that.” The best discussion board post provides an extensive analysis of the problem and incorporates the best evidence to support your opinion. For example, you will write, “I support your opinion, Jason, but I think that the evidence shared by Place-4-Papers.com in our course materials counters our logic. I would say that we need more research to support our perspective on this problem.” You do not have to agree with your fellow students. However, when you disagree, you must explain why and provide evidence to support your stance.
  • Do not limit yourself to formal knowledge. Why not add some personal stories to your discussion board post? For example, you may cite some examples from your past career to illustrate your point. However, do not forget that all this information must relate to the subject of your discussion post. Do not deviate from the main topic!

Do not miss the deadline

Never be late with your discussion board posts. Just imagine how your professor will feel if he finds your discussion post after the deadline. Your peers must have enough time to respond to your discussion post. At the same time, you must take some time to provide responses to your fellow students. The earlier you post your response to the discussion board, the more likely you are to earn a passing grade.