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Dear Sir/Madam,

I apply for a Ph.D. course in Business and Administration at London Business School, which is stipulated by my goal to become an administrator. I desire to be capable of managing human resources in an effective and professional way. I consider the course appropriate because it will supply me with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the successful achievement of my career ambitions. Similarly, it will motivate me to acquire and advance my personal qualities that are valuable for leadership. Thus, London Business School is the desired destination because it has recognized the reputation and credentials of one of the best educational establishments. The faculty equips its students with knowledge and qualities that are in compliance with my goals.

As a career-oriented person, I realize the importance of persistence, tenacity, communication, and cooperation. Therefore, I continue working on improving the above-mentioned personal skills. I have a strong inner locus of control that complements my academic ambitions. I am self-organized, which supports my motivation for achievement. Furthermore, I develop the ability of unbiased self-monitoring of my behavior patterns, which stem from personal needs. The approach is useful for improving my academic performance and communication with peers and professors. As a result, I am a reliable, cooperative person who is ready to help, consider requirements, and negotiate.

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Comprehending that my career choice presumes to work with people by assisting them and coordinating their performance, I strive to obtain maximum theoretical and practical knowledge about effective management. I strongly adhere to the approach of problem anticipation rather than solving its outcomes. Thus, when an issue is impossible to prevent, I consider negotiation to be the most suitable way of finding a solution to a challenging situation.

While working at my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I learned to use scientific approaches towards obtaining empirical data. Specifically, I operate in scholastic methodologies towards exploring research questions, verifying the hypothesis, and others. In addition, I achieved good results in research during the previous years of studying. Therefore, I have a knowledge base for continuing at business education towards achieving a Ph.D. degree.

Taking into account my theoretical and practical attainments in business and administration as well as complementing personal characteristics, I believe to become a suitable candidate for the course. Apart from my purpose to accumulate knowledge and develop professional skills, I intend to contribute to current scholastic data. I want to conduct a research project that is aimed to reveal current information in the field of leadership and administration that will be useful for me, my peers, and colleagues.

As a hard-working and dependable student with the thirst for knowledge, I am capable of contributing to the knowledge base of London Business School. Besides, the educational faculty can benefit from my strong motivation to accomplish above-described academic and career ambitions. In particular, I will work to enrich the educational process by being a proactive student who endeavors to exceed the expectations set by the program of the course. I intend to participate in peers’ collaboration, exchange of experience, assistance, and fruitful communication. Moreover, my goal is to continue demonstrating excellent academic performance. I will follow the professors’ requirements and recommendations since I am open to improvements. I promise to be a diligent student, who follows ethical, professional and educational requirements.

Thank you for reading the application. I will look forward to acceptance to the Ph.D. course of Business and Administration.

Sincerely yours, [student name]

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