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As a result of increased use of social media such as Facebook, significant differences have emerged on the use of these social media by both male and female. Recent studies have pointed out that both men and women have different motives to interact on these social media sites. Other differences that occur are the way that the photographs are uploaded, content posted and the language used by both genders.

The following is a profile analysis of three men and three females using Facebook. For anonymity purposes, real names will not be used. The three men are Mark, James, and Daniel. Females are Josephine, Esther, and Mary. In the profile information, Mark has provided all his contact details. He has provided his physical address, phone number, and email. He has also provided his full date of birth. James has also provided his telephone number, physical address. Unlike James and Mark, Daniel has only provided his telephone number. James has 1, 476 friends, the mark has 798 friends and Daniel has 902 friends. In terms of numbers and photographs posted, most of Daniel’s pictures are cars, motorbikes and a few personal pictures. James has only three pictures, while Mark has not uploaded even a single picture of himself. Most of the James updates are about money and work. Mark updates are more on religious matters, and Daniel seems inactive on Facebook because he only likes or comments on other people’s comments.

Josephine has uploaded a total of 232 pictures. Ester has 441 pictures while Mary has 132 pictures. Most of the females’ pictures are themselves and family members. All females have not provided their dates of birth or contact address. Most of Josephine’s updates are on relations. She seems to be always complaining about men. Esther’s updates are mostly on where she is going or what she is doing. Josephine’s updates are mostly inspirational in nature. Josephine has 5, 879 friends, Esther has 6, 311 friends and Mary has 4, 753 friends.

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