Capstone Project: Strategic Management of Information Systems in Healthcare

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Strategic Management of Information Systems in Healthcare

Proposal 1

Cardinal Health ranks 19 on the fortune 500 list. It deals with various products and services needed in the medical world. However, it has not exhausted these products and services. For example, it deals with products and services that are needed by the medical practitioners more than it deals with those needed by the patients or patients’ families. They can introduce a product relating to this market. They can have a product line for physiotherapy. Theses are equipment needed for recovering patients from spinal injuries or other injuries leading to temporary or permanent physical disability. As indicated, this product line will attract the patient market which has no age limits. There is no competition, since majority of the business focuses on medicine. It will also challenge the business’s limits as it explores this unexplored market share/arena.

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Proposal 2

United Health Group is ranked 22 in the fortune 500 list. The organization mainly explores the patient market. The organization operates on two platforms which are the Unitedhealthcare and optum platforms. The business proposal relates to the optum platform. The organization can include a technological service that automatically reminds recovering patients to perform health-related activities. These services may include taking their medication, exercising, conducting a test, performing a physiotherapy related activity, amongst others. These reminders can be carried out through text messages via cell phones.

Proposal 3

Kraft Foods ranks 49 on the fortune 500 list. It deals with foods, beverages and food products. Although it offers both healthy foods and recipes for the general market, it has not explored the medical arena. The business proposal here is that the organization provides a service or services to the hospitals in order to aid in the recovery of patients. In order to achieve this, the organization should come up with delicious recipes that are convenient and appropriate for cancer, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, heart condition, amongst other diseases. They should also extend the recipes to include people suffering from conditions such as autism. This service will allow family members or patients to select foods and combine them in accordance with their conditions. This way they will enjoy their tasty foods to recovery. These recipes should be distributed through the appropriate hospitals and healthcare centers for patients’ access.

Gross Profit and Net Operating Income

Companies might have the same gross profit if the net sales and the cost of goods sold were the same. However, the difference in net operating income emerges due to differences in operating expenses, other income, extraordinary gain or loss, interest expense and axes which are added to or deducted from the gross profit. For example, one company may have experienced extraordinary gain and the other may have extraordinary loss (Feldman & Hyman, 2010; Kristof, 2000). The company with the gain will have experienced an “income” while the one with a loss will have experienced an “expense” hence addition and reduction respectively (Gapenski, 1999; Gapenski, 2009 ).

Short-Term and Long-Term Debts

Investors determine various factors before deciding on the type of loan to give to a company. They consider the going-on concern of the organization. This includes evaluating whether the company/organization has a future or not (Funtleyder, 2009; Feldman & Hyman, 2009). They also consider the cumulative debt liable to the organization by the same or other investors. They also look at the financial statements of the organization. This allows them to look at the assets and evaluate the worth of the organization in case the organization is unable to pay the debt.

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