Communication Between Healthcare Providers

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Communication Between Healthcare Providers

Healthcare requires effective communication to achieve set goals. Communication is an important factor in ensuring that health care providers and patients understand each other. With effective communication, patients and their families can air their views about the care that they are receiving. It helps the providers to improve the quality of care given.

When communicating with my fellow health care providers and other professionals in my area of work, we use SBAR (Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel, 2011). This is an acronym for a communication tool that stands for Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation. We use this communication tool to talk and discuss the health conditions of our patients. The tool is important for our communication process since it helps us to discuss the recommendations for cases as a team.

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We decided to incorporate a call-out model into our communication practice to try it out. We settled on a call-out tool because it is important for sharing information among health providers during an emergency. After our one week trial, we were happy with the results of the communication tool, because the strategy we adopted helped us a lot in knowing what the next step of action is. It was also very useful since with this model, the distribution of responsibilities is much easier (Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel, 2011).

In my area of practice, we have not yet adopted the use of informatics as a technological tool. I have decided to incorporate this technological tool because it will help me manage healthcare and cooperate with professionals from a distance (Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel, 2011). The tool processes information and operates an information system. It allows the interaction of humans and the exchange of information through an organized interface, which implies managing people from a distance is practical.

In conclusion, communication plays a significant role in creating understanding between health care providers. Through effective communication, the health care providers find better ways of providing health care services since this is based on proper examination of a patient, which is dependent on proper communication. This paper has given a brief description of the call-out model, as well as the use of informatics as a technological tool that enhances effective communication.

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