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San Bernardino Shooters

The article “San Bernardino Shooters Received $28500 Just Weeks Before Attack” details the reports provided by the bodies investigating the attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino on the 2nd of December. In the course of the attack, fourteen people were killed and twenty-one injured. According to the authors, the attack was conducted by Tashfeen Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook. The two have been married since 2014, and there have been no criminal investigations opened concerning them prior to the incident. The weapons they had used were bought between 2007 and 2012, five by Farook and two by his friend Enrique. According to FBI reports, the attackers were not members of any organized terrorist organization, but they have been radicalized to violence. They could have been planning the attack for months, and it is suspected that they used the loan of $28500 that they had received from an online lender to facilitate the attack. It is also suspected that they planned to carry out more attacks due to a large amount of ammo and arms they possessed. Security agents are investigating the case to uncover additional leads and information, and President Obama is going to give a speech from the Oval Office. The US government is collaborating with the French government after Obama’s talk with the president of France over the phone.

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The authors take neutral ground when covering the issues surrounding the attack. They only seek to provide the public with the available information, without taking a side. The authors do not include their opinion or that of others regarding the attack or the investigation. The article seems shallow because it only repeats the same points, without giving any details. However, the author uses a serious tone that suggests that the available information is not enough and that there is more than the government should do beyond what it has done so far.

The article has great political significance because it involves not only the US government but the world at large. In the modern world, terrorist attacks have become not individual issues but global. The article also sheds light on how much the US government has done to investigate the event that has cost fourteen lives. The authors do not take a personal position, but they hint that the agencies have done rather little for now.

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