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The goal of this speech was to increase awareness of animal brutality which is exercised during experimentation. The speaker showed great skill and credibility as he used animal names, for example, Labrador dogs and mice which are so common in experimentation. He also did not repeat his sentences while giving his speech. It stimulated intellect as it showed the history of experimentation, vaccination and the current number of animals lost in experiments. The speech was creative as the speaker joined the animals’ pleas with the cry of an old man who was asking for love. The information in the speech is relevant as hundreds and thousands of animal experiments happen in America monthly and thousands are killed. He emphasizes this point.

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The speaker applies emphasis especially using body language by motioning with his hands. The speech is also well-organized. The speaker begins with humans before introducing animals. He shows the history of experimentation and the legislature used in experimentation. Gestures used in the speech provide a good example of visual effects used. The speaker explains how shaved rabbits were exposed to chemicals by demonstrating using his hands. He curves his right-hand fingers to show how needles are stuck into an animal’s eyes. The main point brought forward was that about 20 million animals die annually from experimentation and nothing can be done about it. This point was well understood.

The speaker’s introduction began with a greeting and a small narrative of an old man who did not want struggle, wanted life; love and a place in the heart. He joins this with the animal’s feelings. His first paragraph explains the body of the whole story. This is a good introduction. He concluded the story with the same narrative showing that the old man would get attention but would still succumb to death. The speaker used a good tone of voice, volume and inflection. The speech also used oral citations appropriately especially when explaining legal reasons behind experimentation and its governmental requirements for any research using animals. This was a good indicator of professionalism.

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