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Aveeno Product

Michael Southall is the product research and development specialist at Aveeno products and provides information on product development in the link provided. The specialist points out that it is not easy to identify products with beneficial skin ingredients to add to Aveeno products. For the best products for their customers, Aveeno finds out the best way to extract nature’s best and active ingredients. The company has had a significant impact on the beauty industry, perhaps due to its quality products.

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Originally, the product was developed as a result of entrepreneurial adventures and innovation by two brother founders; Albert Musher and Sidney. Contrary to Yeti’s case where the idea was as a result of stories from consumers, the development of Aveeno product was driven by a curiosity that the two brothers had concerning how things work and a belief that old century products did not guarantee human wellness. In collaboration with the Dermatology Department of Mayo Clinic in America, the founders began experimenting using raw cereals that were known to have soothing properties for the skin. Yet the product innovations process matches the process in chapter 12; a slight difference exists since consumers’ ideas were not the motivation behind the product. However, testing the ideas, launching, and evaluating the success of the product was a reflection of the chapter’s readings.

Since its formulation in 1945, Aveeno has enjoyed benefits due to clinical evidence for over 50years that has termed the product as containing colloidal formulations for irritated and dry skins. The product can be regarded as being in its maturity stage as it has served customers worldwide by providing breakthrough skincare formulations. For instance, Aveeno Ultra and Aveeno with Soy did not take long before development and gaining market breakthrough. The company currently enjoys worldwide recognition as the pioneer of natural and active ingredients containing skincare benefits.

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