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To: All staffs

From: Name, Human resource officer

Date: September 10, 2013

Subject: Enhancing security in the bank

There have been many breaches in the bank’s security resulting in exposing the bank’s assets and staff to risks. In an effort to improve security in the bank, the human resource department has designed new opening and closing procedures. These procedures will be applicable across the bank and the branches.

One, to improve safety subtly, at least two employees must be present when opening the front doors before the start of the day, as opposed to the current policy, where one employee can start his or her shift alone. The employee who opens the bank without any incidences must provide a clear sign for other employees as an indication that there has been no incidence and it is safe to start the day’s operations. This sign will remain known to the employees alone and no staff should disclose it to any outsider. The management will be changing this sign at certain intervals to avoid any risk of outsiders familiarizing themselves with it.

To enhance staff identification, all employees will be required to put on their staff badges at all times when on the bank’s premises. Employees should report the loss of their badges to the human resource department for immediate replacement. However, this replacement will attract a fee of 50 dollars. Failure to put on a staff badge will lead to disciplinary action against the respective staff.

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All employees should meet their visitors in the meeting room and not in the office to improve security for all employees and the bank’s assets. This follows a recent observation that employees are bringing visitors to the office, which is opposed to the bank’s policies. Inviting outsiders into the office will be considered as a disciplinary case.

Every week, on a rotating basis, one employee from the lower level and one from the management level will be responsible for locking the bank, which includes turning off lights, arming the alarm systems and checking that all personal computers have been restarted. This is as opposed to the current policy, where only scheduled persons are assigned the ‘lock-up’ duty.

The bank is also introducing a phone system, where messages can pass from the highest levels of management to the lowest levels. The cycle becomes complete when the message gets back to the management. In this case, the managers will develop a tree through which the messages will pass in the respective departments. The managers will circulate the tree and no staff should ever forget the person she or he ought to pass the message to so that the cycle will not break. This will ensure that all employees get the same information and act accordingly.

Lastly, all employees are to familiarize themselves with all the escape routes and exits of the bank and everyone should know where an assembly point is located. The human resource department will run a fire drill to assess how well the staff understands the escape routes, exits, and assembly points. The department will also be testing the alarm system and ascertain the time taken by the security company to respond to the alarm. All employees should corporate and act like the company was indeed in a crisis.

To enhance staff security, all employees should adhere to the new policies and procedures.

Best regards,

Name, Human resource officer.

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