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The media is believed to be the most persuasive tool that has many influences on how women and gender are viewed. This has great impact on daily lives of people. The media insinuates the consciousness messages at every instinct. However the images of sexes, many of which are stereotypical, unrealistic, and with limiting perceptions are communicated across the media (Byerly, & Ross, 2008). Women, according to the media themes are underrepresented, which implies that they are invisible or unimportant. Females are also portrayed in stereotypical ways that sustain and reflect on the socially endorsed perceptions of gender (Byerly, & Ross, 2008). The relationships between men and women also depict the violence faced by women. In most cases, the media distorts reality by underrepresenting women compared to men. Thus, misogyny is evident everywhere as women seeking to be newscasters are expected to be beautiful and young, as well as physically attractive in comparison to males. The article by Time magazine displays the different ways in which women and gender are portrayed with analysis on gender, women, race, ethnicity, class, age, and nationality.

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The author talks about the appearance of victory in 2018. He presents the ideas of feminists before the 2016 presidential election. He emphasizes the growth and popularity of the new generation and the manner in which it gives way to feminism. The author affirms that feminist writers have graduated to professionals from bloggers (Filipovic, 2018). Other feminists have held the names of the largest new media sites. Trump’s election displayed a vindication of racism and sexism, which blamed identity politics. It was clear that the rights of people and women were advocated. The Democrats insisted that there should be a refocus to energize those who ushered into the President’s office. The social media socialists gave voice to the unlikely fraternity that demanded that women should be considered with sexism, being the fundamental issue empowering the workers. The platform aimed at ending the misogyny that had pervaded almost all the societies. In short, the article examines the feminine behavior of considering the needs of others first.

Critical Analysis of Gender

According to the article, the element of gender is perceived on the basis of the woman’s independence. The author acknowledges that not many women are working compared to the large number of working-class men. Nevertheless, the working class is left out to the whites and the blacks (Filipovic, 2018). Gender equality is one of the women’s rights as women seek power in authorities. The fact that the men are given numerous chances or the top positions in businesses or companies has required the female representatives to air the concern for women empowerment. The pre-existing gender taboos have been fought by the neutered feminist movements.

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The article indicates that women are assumed to be fragile while the men are believed to be strong. As a result, the men are given many opportunities compared to the women. The issue of identity politics craves its way in this subject as the feminists advocate for the rights of all women.


The author of the article acknowledges the problems of sexuality faced by people of color, whereas the majority of job opportunities are given to the women of color and not the blacks. Donald trump affirmed that the right to win an election should not be a cultural one (Filipovic, 2018). In most cases, the Democrats who lost their votes focused their energies on the whites. Race is a problem that the feminists have continued to fight for to bring equality to people of all backgrounds.


The element of ethnicity is reflected in the article when votes are cast depending on one’s ethnicity. The element is a form of prejudice that pervades the wider societies in the United States. Ethnicity is an aspect that feminists have used to fight misogyny to empower the workers of all backgrounds. The loudest voices should not only come from the whites, but also from the blacks (Filipovic, 2018). Consequently feminists, in this article, strive to air the concerns of the minority. The author affirms that leaders can come from different backgrounds. The blacks also have the capacity to become champions. Therefore, the author struggles to present the feminine behaviors that conveniently display group worth and not self-worth.


Class, according to the article, is a form of prejudice that men in power continue to fight. It is given to the majority, especially the whites. The type of class is reflected in the case where women are believed to be inferior (Filipovic, 2018). Though men believe that they have the potential to rule and not women. The feminist concerns show that women also need to be equal to men and should, therefore, be accorded the same class as that of men.

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The article points into the issue of age where female journalists are required to be young and to be physically attractive compared to men. As the result, women lose opportunities in the workplace when they grow old. The form of prejudice is aired by the feminists who indicate that age should not be an issue.


Nationality is an area of concern because people get access to opportunities depending on their area of origin. As depicted in the racial factor, people, especially women, acquire benefits or favor based on their nationality. The consequences of this are that white males have numerous privileges compared to blacks. The same case also goes to the women of color (Filipovic, 2018). The African- Americans succumb to assault and sexual harassment when they demand accountability. Nationality is an element that poses individuals to thousands of unruly offenses. The author affirms that there are many penalties that are exposed to the blacks and not the whites. However, the injustices performed on the minority reflect a whiplash manner which feminists fight. The feminist’s movements indicate that the behaviors performed to the people of other origins are avoidable.


As noted in the above context, women are believed to be inferior due to the perceived inabilities, as opposed to men, who are believed to be strong. Feminists, according to the article, argue that women have the ability to do better job than men. Women also succumb to intersectionality as men strive without difficulties (Filipovic, 2018). Therefore, ability is one of the feminist approaches that enable women to make their choices without influence from men.


The article, as reflected in the provided context, relates to the aspect of feminism. As many instances mentioned in the article relate to the efforts of feminists in fighting for the rights of women. I chose this topic because it identifies the fight against sexual harassment and assault by women. It also examines the manner in which the media partake in shaping the role of women and gender, making it a feminist piece. Therefore, the article is a larger reflection of societal structures because it identifies the aspect of feminism within a specific society; that is the United States. The issue of feminism affects me by enhancing my knowledge of the injustices performed on women. This issue disappoints me as I can see that a little girl does not have a stable place in society. On the other hand, men, who feel superior, take the places that could have been shared equally among all people. As a result, the article identifies the injustices against women and presents the feminists’ approaches that have been undertaken to save women.

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