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Importance of Education

Education has become one of the most common areas of human activity in modern society. Personal development of every individual depends on knowledge acquired during the educational process. Education is a driving force for the proper social and economic development of modern society. Decent life in the 21st century is impossible without education.

Significance of education in a person’s life grows every year. Therefore, it can not be limited to the period of study. Learning is a holistic process that continues as long as life endures. Educators give everybody a possibility to change life and the world for the better. Demand for the continual personal development led to the emergence of the continuing education that searches for new forms and methods to promote the correct formation of the scientific outlook and a deeper understanding of the economic and social changes (David 4).

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Unlike education, self-education is a free choice of every person. To force someone to engage with self-education is almost impossible. Self-education generates the majority of positive aspects such as the interest in learning and the higher quality of learning. If a person is interested in a particular sphere, he\she will absorb information deeper and fuller than the one who is forced to do it.

Consequently, education and self-education are essential for human development. Education should prevail in the early years of human life due to the low level of awareness. However, in due course, self-education shall become the dominant way of obtaining knowledge. This phenomenon can take place only with the increased level of personal development that is achieved by means of education.

Educational institutions shape the process of personality socialization. The prime aim of education is to complete this process. Moreover, a modern family does not pay attention to the education of children due to the lack of time. Therefore, it is taken for granted that educational institutions shall instill honesty, obedience, and a sense of good and bad. Personality learns to collaborate, be a responsible and reliable citizen in consequence of the educational process.

Every kind of public education adds society one percent to productivity. Surveys conducted by scientists fortify that people with higher education are able to enjoy life and experience happiness to a far greater degree than those who are uneducated. From ancient times, there was a tendency to improve the educational level of society in the world. Almost all countries support it (Pring 40). Moreover, the representatives of some countries believe that higher education must be compulsory.

Education programs are not included in the state budget of some countries. Japanese authorities, for example, spend on education a small amount of public money, keeping only a small number of elite universities (Knipprath 10). It is needless to say that to enter these universities is extremely difficult. Instead, Japanese law allows children to work for twelve years old in order to earn money for education. Thus, the government avoids the exploitation of child labor. Children get accustomed to discipline and responsibility in such a manner.

Computerization has reached such a level that children in twelve years know more than their parents. This leads to a number of negative consequences, such as a loss of respect to parents or a loss of own identity. As a result, lots of families try to overcome raised conflicts. Most parents have no idea how to avoid them. Education helps to eliminate the problems connected with the upbringing.

In addition, the process of education provides the possibility to enrich each other. Hyperactivity of young people will always find a way out. The state can either direct it in a socially useful channel or contribute to degradation. That is why some authorities believe that higher education must be compulsory.

Process of civilization is associated with education. Athenian schools are considered to be the first educational institutions, where logic, philosophy, poetry, rhetoric, mathematics were taught. In those times, the importance of education came down to teaching people of thinking and understanding of values. At that stage, mankind has learned to turn their sensual images into ideas.

Education process shall take place over the whole life of every person as it is very difficult to achieve wisdom. Society’s existence is meaningless without education since it is the driving force of progress. Education and self-education can help a person to achieve outstanding results while moving to a new stage of development and improvement. That is why education is considered to be one of the main priorities of mankind from ancient times. The value of education is its ability to develop human capacity and instill the aspiration to continuous improvement.

The significance of education lies in its tripartite values that are public, social, and personal. It is a generally known fact that education provides socio-economic development and social progress. The personal value of education is to afford equal opportunities to all people to develop their skills, acquire new knowledge, gain a profession that will enable them to be realized in a specific sphere. As a result, individuals are able to acquire desired social status, which ensures an appropriate level of welfare. Therefore, education is the primary tool of human nature development (David 7).

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The increasing demand for educated personalities is caused by the mobility of the economic system and scientific progress. These factors significantly affect the labor market. In addition, the demand for professionals of certain qualification is very changeable. In this case, education serves both social and economic functions. Social function lies in the social protection of every individual against unemployment by means of providing educational services that enhance the person’s competitiveness in the labor market. Economic function meets the industries’ demand for professions of certain qualification.

The main objective of education is all-round and harmonious development of the individual. It develops person’s talents, mental and physical abilities, training of high moral character, enrichment of intellectual, artistic and cultural potential of the nation and the formation of reliable citizens that are capable of deliberate choice.

The importance of education to mankind can not be overemphasized as it is the foundation of society. Education affects young people and determines the nature of new generations as well as the future of the world. Education is of great importance due to its ability to secure the future. That is why everyone is obliged to contribute to its development (Pring 27).

Education makes a great contribution to the lives of people by making them responsible citizens. They inherit the experience of the previous generations and knowledge about their history, culture, and traditions. This enables people to understand their duties and encourages them to observe obligations. Besides, education ensures a secure future. Personal productivity increases by acquiring new abilities and skills through the learning process. As a result, a person is able to occupy a prominent place in society. The importance of education lies in its ability to make the most of opportunities. It facilitates the broadening of a person’s outlook. Educated people can easily express their point of view and respect the standpoint of others at the same time. In addition, education boosts self-relines and fosters positive world outlook, making people believe that they are able to take on the world.

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