Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Model

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Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Model

A nursing care delivery system identifies how the nursing staff works, its organization, and the distribution of the duties for providing appropriate nursing care. Care delivery systems are in charge of successful nursing care and clinical results. They provide the organization, rules, and structure that determine responsibility and control. This paper studies the newest models of nursing care delivery and discusses the role of innovations in this sphere.

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Unfortunately, health care is still expensive and inaccessible to many people all over the world, especially in undeveloped countries. The current health care system lacks innovative business models. However, nowadays, business models in health care gradually develop (Skolnik, 2012).

Before speaking about the innovative methods of nursing care delivery, it is important to mention the standard models and why the innovations are better and improved. The typical system for organizing nursing care is Total Patient Care. It plans, arranges, and implements all aspects of nursing care. It is autonomous, united patient care with a clear distribution of responsibilities. It combines all the aspects of nursing care delivery. However, this method is not profitable. It is costly as it needs the employment of many nurses. The second model is Functional Nursing. There must be a specialist for each assigned task. Team Nursing is the third standard model. There are several teams of nurses with the leader; each team has to provide care for the appointed group of patients. Primary Nursing is another type of care delivery that involves not only nursing, but also documentation, and so on. Primary Nursing means total and complete care. The essence of this method lies in the fact that one nurse provides full care for a small group of patients who stay in the hospital.

One of the newest nursing models of care delivery is the so-called Partners in Caring. This model is a new way of nursing care delivery; it lies in the nurse-nurse assistant partnership. The reason for its increasing popularity is that this approach increases the retention rates of the new nurses as it is based on joint efforts. It is the goal of this program. The professional development and opportunities for new nurse graduates are also important aspects (Seifer, 2001).

The nursing partners focus on the patient. They organize different parts of complex patient care. There are three goals in the work of this method: improving the health of the patients, developing and supporting an improved system, and providing low-priced but high-quality health care. This model is a great benefit to time management. Changing the work roles and transforming communication patterns are the characteristics of this new model. The patients feel the positive results of this method as well.

It is also important to mention another innovation in the sphere of nursing care delivery – the so-called Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). The principal goal of this program is the prevention of the unnecessary use of hospital and nursing home care. Every month, Medicare and Medicaid programs pay or give grants to PACE. This program helps the patients in the day centers and clinics, their homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. Patients who are unqualified for Medicaid pay on their own. The consequences of the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly are quite positive. The customers are very satisfied as this innovation helps to decrease the use of institutional care; it controls the use of medical services. The great advantage is that it tries to save the costs of not only private customers but also such public organizations as Medicare and Medicaid Minnesota Department of Human Services, 2011).

In conclusion, the number of older people in the United States gradually increases, and it arouses the healthcare providers to provide high-quality care. Nowadays, it is essential for people to get sufficient but not expensive medical support. The PACE model and Partners in Caring method are comprehensive. They work without the involvement of a big staff of nurses. This system of care delivery is good not only in the aspect of the appropriate patient care, but it is also financially effective.

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