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Interview Questions

· How did you meet your partner?

· When did both of you get married?

· What character features do you like in your spouse?

· Which ones do you not like?

· How has married life been for you for the past three decades?

· What was a difficult time in your matrimony?

· Tell me about some of the memorable moments you have had.

· How do you anticipate your relationship to change in the near future?

· Is your treatment to your partner similar to how you treated him or her in your youthful days?

· What impact has retirement brought to your association?

· In your assessment, have you grown psychologically as a couple?

· What attributes do you believe have preserved your marriage?

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Report on the Interview of an Elderly Couple

I interviewed an elderly couple as part of this research project. The man is 65 while the woman is 60 years old. The companions have spent thirty-five years in marriage. In other words, they met and got married in 1979. The pair have been through diverse phases of life. They have brought up three children. Moreover, they have been in and out of different careers.

According to the interview, there are notable things that came out. First and foremost, it is evident that the longevity of marriage has made them inseparable in their words and actions. The mannerisms and responses highlight the present state of the couple. For example, they give similar answers to most questions. They acknowledge that their relationship has improved tremendously since the solemnization of the union. They highlight that their youthful days had diverse challenges. They attribute the problems to unfamiliarity and intolerance where they initially made efforts to change each other. The financial burden is a similar test that they both mentioned. However, they note that their marriage grew better day by day. The only questions they have different answers to relates to timing. The man seems to have lost the memory of the occurrence of vital events.

I believe the couple is happy with each other. It is apparent from the separate conversation I had with each one of them. They are at peace with the behavior of another partner. For instance, the lady acknowledges that her husband is caring. She makes this account with utmost honesty that is clear to any interviewee. She cites uncountable moments to affirm her view concerning the husband. The man also displays a heart of trust and assurance towards the wife. He mentions some of the good times in their marriage. I attribute the success of their relationship to three virtues: trust, tolerance and genuine interest in each other. During the interview, they give each other the opportunity to respond to questions without interruption. Moreover, they are passionate about marriage. One can hear a sense of certainty and security in their voices.

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However, I think their responses would be different from a couple in their twenties and thirties. It is because young people are in a phase of life that is full of pressures. Moreover, they are emotionally unstable concerning their course. A newly-married couple is fascinated by the romantic period. Consequently, they do not think about the demands that marriage entails. For example, when children come in, most young pairs complain that the attention of their partner has shifted to the baby. They also quarrel a lot because they have not understood each other yet.

I have acquired a lot of knowledge concerning the relationship in late adulthood. It is apparent that the longevity of relationship instills understanding and tolerance among partners. Moreover, such people have been through diverse issues. Consequently, they have developed the tenacity to stand with their companions. Late adulthood faces also display elements of life. The couple has taken time to observe their soul-mates through the years and at this phase they have developed confidence in each other.

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