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The Relevance of Milestone Two

Central Idea: Milestone Two relies on the principles of Scientology to discover the right ways to make the necessary changes.


1. Milestone Two is considered a global organization and community because it was found within key principles associated with the objectives of Scientology (Hubbard, 2007).

a. The primary perspective of Milestone Two is to work with the community through communication so as to lead people in the right direction to ordinary Scientology.

b. The implication of the topic illustrates the general conception of the contents of Milestone Two as an entity that is influenced by Scientology. Additionally, a conclusion will be included to summarize the document (Hubbard, 2007).

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1. Creating a physically powerful society and a panel of Scientologists at the local level

Milestone Two is designed to create an environment meant to help in generating Scientologists. The Scientologists are experienced individuals who are well-trained in accomplishing LRH objectives. For instance, one of the learning techniques entails forgetting the pain and perceiving pleasure as a way to survive (Wright, 2013).

2. Educated and trained examiners

a. The individuals working under the Milestone Two rules and regulations are entitled to training auditors and also offer effective internship as a way of creating a better society for the future generation (Hubbard, 2007). For example, they train well-educated examiners to assist the community in leading a civilized lifestyle.

3. Guiding people towards the right path

a. The principles of Milestone Two guide individuals in society to attain their objectives by showing them the right way. One of the examples is drafting a document meant to help tutors train students adopting the best strategies to reach their aims (Hubbard, 2007).

4. Dealing with the challenges of society

a. When it comes to issues affecting the community, the incorporation of LRH technology is utilized to enable the members of the community to respond to the challenges they face (Hubbard, 2007). Organizing programs that raise money for the needy in the communities is an effective approach.


1. Milestone Two is meant to work with the community to reconnect it with Scientology, which aims at supporting the communities by applying their experiences. Examples such as projects to raise money to help the communities have been proposed as strategies that can be pursued to confront the problems of the individuals in need.

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