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Ladies and gentlemen,

it’s an honor to stand in front of this audience today. It is a great day today because it has given us the opportunity to assess our progress with the American Dream. A dream that was coined decades ago is yet to be fulfilled in our time. Folks, it is shameful that as we speak here today, men and women of this great nation are unfairly rounded up and imprisoned without the benefit of legal representation. It undermines this great nation that a section of its citizens still live in abject poverty when foreigners are streaming in for the same opportunities. Why should we tell the world that our country is the land of opportunity when our own people cannot have a share of those opportunities? It is a curse of our generation that we have not shunned racial segregation several years after the abolition of slave trade (Charles, 2007). This is something we have to resolve today so that we can face tomorrow stronger. Ladies and gentlemen, it is incumbent upon us to be the change that we have always yearned for. It goes without saying that the solution to our racial segregation lies in you and I. This is the time to stand firm and demand a stop to violation of fundamental human rights in this country. Folks, this is the time to heed the call of duty and join in public protests to show the world that we can no longer keep silent. We have had enough of violation of human rights in this country, and this time if we work together, we will stop this evil and move forward as one great nation that we have always dreamed of.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much indeed!

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