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Recruitment and Selection

Following the resignation of the accountant, I wish to inform all the hiring managers and human resource representatives that the recruitment and selection process will be conducted next week in the company’s board room. This plan is intended to discuss the hiring procedures that will be followed for the vacant post in order to select the most competent applicant during the interview.

The essential function of this position will be:

· Preparing standard and non-standard accounting statements and reports, such as detailed financial and cost analysis, projections and forecasts interrelationships of the accounting data.

· Refining and revising the account data and structure accordingly.

· Preparing the detailed cost accounting report of the company.

· Approving financial transactions within one’s designated limits.

· Providing solutions to the accounting system.

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The successful applicant should have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

· Knowledge in accounting principles, procedures, and practices.

· Knowledge of basic leadership practices.

· Skills in performing the company’s detailed numerical computations.

· Skills in preparing reports in a timely-based manner.

· Should possess both writing and verbal communication skills.

· Should also have skills in the use of computer software and hardware.

Minimum qualifications of the applicant should be:

· Bachelor’s degree in accounting or in a related field from a recognized institution.

· Two years of professional accounting experience working in the same position.

· The applicant should have a CPA license.

The following set of questions will be asked during the interview in order to determine the candidate, who has the best knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enable him or she perform and fit in this job.

· Tell me about yourself.

· What are your achievements?

· Are you happy with your career?

· What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?

· What are your strengths and your greatest weaknesses?

· Why should I hire you?

· How has your education prepared you for your career?

· What qualities do you feel a successful accountant should have?

· Give me an example of when you have worked under pressure?

· Why do you want to leave your current employer?

· Are you a team player? And what is your long-range objective?

· Why have you applied for this particular job?

The hiring managers will administer both oral and written employment tests as a means of determining the suitability of the applicant. This will include the following assessments:

· Cognitive ability assessment? this test will help to measure and determine the applicant’s ability to adapt, learn, understand instructions and be able to solve problems.

· Skills test – this test will evaluate mathematics, typing, verbal skills, software proficiency, data entry, and other abilities.

· Behavioral reliability assessments – this test will predict the applicant’s likelihood of getting into bad behavior.

· Personality test – this test will help to describe the applicant’s personal characteristics towards his or her performance and job satisfaction.

· Structured interview questions – these will create a fair recruitment and selection process for all applicants.

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Hiring managers should be aware of the legal issues, such as the discrimination of the applicants due to their race, place of birth, sex, marital status, and religion. It is also very important for hiring managers not to discriminate wages among the applicants. Furthermore, all the applicants should be given equal time during the interview.

Finally, hiring managers should thank the applicants for their time.

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