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For this analysis, the HTC Re cam has been chosen. The benefit of the company is proven by the Euromonitor report published on April 2015 that states that “HTC Corp has to contend with rising Chinese digital devices brands such as ZTE, Xiaomi, and Huawei, in addition to old rivals such as Samsung and Sony, all in a market characterized by slowing growth and declining prices.” (Euromonitor 2015). SWOT analysis of HTC Corporation includes the threats that the company has to deal with in the international market (GotAbout 2015) in strategic solutions.

The current paper is designed to discuss the innovative idea by HTC Corporation, the HTC Re mini compact cam that allows making instant videos up to 30 minutes in length, visible and audible material to stay active during the successful moment of the day. The cam is a good solution for selfie videos and pictures, streaming the live video to Google+ and Youtube. The angle of the cam is 146° that allows making pictures and videos and to film the best moments of the day. The cam can be fixed to the bike or even to the outside surface of the car to facilitate the video making and to record the best moments of spending time with kids in the open-air. The 16-Mpx cam provides pictures and videos of high quality. HD-video is being recorded by the wide-angle lens. The cam can be connected to iOS and Android-based devices. The HTC Re cam can be adjusted to the devices based on Android 4.3 or higher with the Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth 4.x (with BLE) support. It can successfully work at the Apple-based iOS 7 and 8 oriented devices including iPhone 4S and higher versions.

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Situation Analysis

HTC is a Taiwanese based corporation that has been focused on its activity in promoting its brand awareness due to the external and internal factors that help to stay active within the field of electronics. As per the data of 2015, the main competitors of the corporation are those allocated in their manufacturing facilities in China. However, they are all aimed at promoting the high range of their products at the global market, including highly developed challenging marketing initiatives in the EU and the U.S. In this relation, the external factors include the rising competition with the well-known brands, such as ZTE, Xiaomi, and Huawei. For better or for worse, they are less likely to stay in the range of highly threatening competitors due to the initiatives on brand promotion and advertising campaigns. However, Sony and Samsung are rather highly developing brands that have achieved success in the global market to stay positively assessable within the international market of hi-tech products. As for the internal factors that include the positions of threats and benefits for developing the brand awareness, HTC corporation is in the situation of dealing with the following inclusive strategic problems and challenges that makes their activities different from its competitors: brand promotion activities; brand positioning strategy of the HTC Re camera; marketing strategy developing; the need for dealing with internal factors of an interest rates in loans, investment determinants, R & D initiatives development, etc.

As per the data of 2015, the research and development perspectives can be aimed at improving the situation within the perspectives of good care about the need for improving the quality of products that are being manufactured by the HTC Corp. Currently, the perspectives in the market of digital cameras are high. This may be helpful to get released from additional ads promotion in terms of care about the highly developed initiatives on the implementation of the challenges of the new product that stay activated within the accessible space in the market share.

The situation in this market is good for developing new brand initiatives as for the completion of the search for the new products of interest among the customers. Their potential is aimed at the intrigued initiatives of working out the opportunities that can help to improve brand awareness. This initiative can be achieved by means of the close target market analysis that would be helpful to define how the situational analysis is related to the market sharing initiatives in the context of the quality improvement that can be suitable for the target market. In relation to the HTC Re camera, its competitive advantage is explicable by its design that is innovative. The device is similar to the water-based device for divers – the tube form is good for establishing brand awareness.

The brand image has been developed by HTC in a bulk of the unique solutions that can be effective to derive the firm implications for promotion via SMM instruments and working out the key benefits that the organization should be ready to address. The key benefits for HTC are in the following measures: 1) HTC Re brand uniqueness; 2) solvable packaging that is a good solution for the environmentally related decisions; 3) customer satisfaction guarantee; 4) competitive advantages in terms of ergonomic solutions for the brand effectiveness in positioning and marketing strategy; 5) tube design.

Strengths and weaknesses that HTC has to deal with are related both to contrasts in the nature of the company’s decision making. In this relation, strengths are the following:

1. Flexibility in addressing the company’s changes and challenges. The challenging environment for HTC is based on taking their share in new markets that are dividable into target customers and potentially attached buyers that have needs in settling up with the difficulties at choosing the HTC Re cam of the unique type.

2. Facilitation of the HTC organizational performance.

3. Social business solutions development for the better performance strategy and rise in sales. Social business for HTC includes working out the effective solutions that are of the effect in the long and short term perspectives. In this regard, it would be beneficial to use social networks including Facebook, Youtube, Sonico, etc. The use of SMM has been proved by its logical approach to stratification of the basic needs for promotional strategies. The initiatives on this solution can be effective in terms of successful discussions and feedback on the HTC products.

4. Google Adsense advertising solutions. HTC has been actively improving the advertising campaigns with working out well-developed banners that can be effective in the high raising graphic solutions for the development of the e-commerce solutions within the fields that are relevant to the needs of the challenging market. It is interesting that the Google Adsense advertising tool has been actively used by the company as the tool for the successful determination of the needs of both the company and the customers. It would be helpful to address the rising challenges of the market of the electronic devices that are valuable for the rising marketing perspectives within the integrated marketing capacity.

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Apart from the strengths, there are some major weaknesses that HTC Corp has to face when operating with marketing solutions. The weaknesses are the following:

1. High competition in the international market of electronic devices. The solutions in this relation may include risk mitigation strategies that can be of many effects for a better brand positioning strategy. The competitors within the domestic market are not that high, however, it would be possible to win the competition even in the frameworks of e-marketing that can be of great effect within the well-chosen parameters of high need for quality.

2. The lack of unique selling points. HTC Corp delivers business solutions that are greatly dependable on internal and external factors. The unique selling point is the starting point on the way to mitigating risks and generating profits from selling out digital goods at a suitable price and at a suitable time. The selling point is unique when it stands for the activated time and spatial benefit. For example, unique selling points can be set up to suitable positions when there is a higher demand at some seasonal benefit or just it is important to set up huge sales for products. These are all the points of unique promotional tools in the frameworks of profitable campaigns.

3. The low level of comparative studies with other competitors. In relevance to R&D perspectives, HTC Corp. is ready to stay effective at its selling points only when they are in need of improvements. However, there is a rising need to trace benefits and weaknesses among competitors as they are also in the need to work out the strategically important solutions in business developing a huge amount of perspectives that are of benefit for sales.

Customer Analysis

The customers of HTC Corp. include both domestic and international categories – young people who value style and fashion. The decision to buy is based on price and quality balance. They see media ads and decide to buy. The products satisfy the needs of the selfie pics and video lovers in the functionality for entertaining, socializing, and setting up the communication with friends. Customers choose the brand due to its high recognition for a promotional campaign. Customers are more likely to check the internet to buy a product. Mostly, they buy smartphones seasonally before Christmas as presents. The attitude to the product is positive and optimistic, as the brand inspires their lifestyle and lights them up. The purchase decision is based on the following demographic factors: age, sex, behavioral preferences, etc.

Target Market Analysis

In terms of market segmentation, the target market can be divided according to the way of opportunities that the HTC Re camera may have for the target customers. In this regard, the benefits that can be of the use of HTC Corp should be assessed. The market segmentation can be sectioned in the following terms: 1) bulk customers; 2) retailers; 3) resellers. In terms of the geographical locations of the initiatives, HTC Corporation has been working with the definitely new and challenging environments including the following: EU, U.S., and online retailing industry based on the e-commerce initiatives. The online business draws the idea of staying at a valuable position within the market of digital devices. In terms of successful exteriorization, the need for market segmentation can be covered by the basic deviance towards the initial outcomes of reselling and retailing perspectives. For instance, it is valuable to stay optionally tuned with the new challenges in target markets. Mostly, customers are preferably ordering digital goods online; the e-commerce initiatives can be closely related to the need of getting better within the global market perspectives.

Positioning Strategy

The effectiveness of the positioning strategy can be explained by the role of the business model in terms of its consumer-based orientation. The organizational perspectives in this relation can be considered from a close point of view of the information system management and improvements within the organization to promote the effective marketing strategy within the set goals in the following direction:

1. Improving the positioning strategy with the help of e-commerce tools, including internet trade and social media marketing. Internet advertising in this relation may facilitate the approaches to effective communication with customers who are in the major target group of digital watches and smartphone users. In such cases, it would be effective to activate IT technologies to operate with the criteria of effectiveness for the benefits of improving brand awareness within the short term perspectives. The way the effective marketing strategy can overcome the barriers of benchmarking strategy can be measurable with the framework of the effectiveness of the mechanisms that are ruled by means of marketing tools.

2. IS management positioning in the context of system network and architecture for the closely related infrastructure of time-management in terms of organizational performance. IT technologies are destined to stay effective only when they are in need of all departments of the company, and all of them can be united by IT strategy for discovering new marketing opportunities by the IT department. The current IS of the HTC is good enough: it includes powerful computers with the operating processing memory of 3 hihaherz (Laudon & Laudon 2013), such a device can manage to operate with huge loads of data to deliver e-commerce solutions and implement them within the short term perspectives. In this regard, it would be useful to take care of the solutions that are effective within the short and long term perspectives. The current IS architecture includes the benefits that are of much use to solve problems with time management. The problem of informational flow management is solvable within the effective perspectives within the solution of virtualization that can be effective in terms of the high-quality provision of the solution by the OPNET Guru Server client. HTC Company uses a dedicated server to store the data in relevance to organizational performance, and it would be of great effect since the solutions are consistent with the quality of data processing and its use for the benefits of each employee user. All services of the company, including manufacturing, are being controlled within the frameworks of R&D perspectives of the development. The use of such solutions is successful enough to activate and reinforce high-quality decisions in terms of getting started with the new brand items that can be of much interest to consumers.

3. Positioning solutions for entertainment and making live 30-minute video clips by the HTC Re cam in the real-time streaming. The new design helps to set up the positioning strategy as the new device to save moments from the life and share them with friends live in social networks. The use of the HTC Re cam is also in its unique angle point. Moreover, it is useful to hold it in the hand and take pictures and videos of oneself. It suits well the selfie video and photo lovers.

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The company positions itself as the growing leader of electronic devices development and manufacturer of the items that consumers are ready to buy all around the world. Although being located in Taiwan, HTC delivers valuable solutions for all consumers who are ready to perceive the brand as aware and good to be considered in the growing market of digital cameras.

Message Strategy

The company’s message strategy is based on delivering a good solution to be worked out within the frameworks of valuable marketing perspectives. The chosen branding type will include a public relations strategy to activate methods of dealing with high-quality performance management and address effective communication with product consumers. It would be possible to portray the image of a potential buyer who is ready to buy products of high tech devices and innovative). Public relations will settle up the effective communication between the company and its target customers via media channels including SMM in relevance to the marketing strategy.

IMC Objectives

The integrated marketing approach will be regarded in conjunction with the effective solutions that would be helpful for brand promotion. In this relation, HTC should be focused on the unique branding for the HTC Re camera in its use for different categories of customers. Currently, the marketing strategy has been focused on positioning the effective brand awareness that HTC has to deal with in terms of the high quality of its brand solutions.

IMC objectives for the long term perspectives will include the following tasks and initiatives:

1. Working out different platform solutions for the HTC Re cam. This brand can be effective only when there is a multiple choice of operating systems that the device would be able to support.

2. Setting up the useful communicational and promotional tools that can generate profits in the rise of high quality of image products at the same time. In relevance to the current business strategy and business model, the terms of effectiveness for the brand determination can be of use only when promotional mechanisms can address the effective challenges of activation of the alternative views on generating sales profits.

3. Setting up the promotional campaigns for the brands in terms of the good correlation between different values that are of importance for positioning of brand awareness. The effectiveness of communication tools is a good choice for the determination of the roles that consumers and HTC can work out together in the frameworks of the highly responsive model.

IMC Budget

According to the Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Oct 2015, the competitors of the HTC Corporation “are not sleeping”. They are ready to work out the marketing strategies aimed at setting up brand awareness in terms of comparative analysis data. For instance, the “strongest YoY growth came from Huawei, whose shipments soared by over 60% compared to 3Q 2014, to 25.5m units”, while “Lenovo/Motorola and Xiaomi held the #4 and #5 spots respectively.” (Adbrands 2015). According to this reputable source on branding, the situation on brand building and advertising within the U.S. can be critically assessed in terms of the major leader in the field that is a major player in this field. It is Samsung that “spent almost $200m on global branding in 40 countries, including core sponsorship of the Olympics since 1998, as well as an association with blockbuster sci-fi movie series The Matrix between 2000 and 2002.” (Adbrands 2015). In this regard, it would be of the benefit for HTC to cover its share in the U.S. market with at least $100 million spendings on the advertising budget, in particular, planning to spend $10 million for the HTC Re camera promotion.

Advertising and Media Strategy

The advertising component of the ad planning will include the basic creative strategy that covers the shortcomings of the research perspectives (media advertising, SMM promotion, e-commerce solutions). In each case, the campaign theme will be selected in relevance to the correct advertising appeals. In relevance to the selected brand, it would be useful to select the following advertising theme: solution for the entertainment – having fun and socializing with the HTC Re camera using social media, streaming live photos and videos from anywhere, just having access to the internet connection. The execution-style of the campaign will justify the choices: the high-resolution graphical solution would be of many benefits for the corporation.

Media Strategy

The effective media objectives will include running up the promotional campaigns in the following informational sources. They will be good to be activated in forms of TV ads and within the perspectives of social media marketing. It is good to analyze the roles of television, radio, magazines, newspapers, direct response, and support effective solutions with media.

In this relation, media campaigns will include the following matters:

1. Evaluation criteria for media research effectiveness.

2. Advertising campaigns to collect profits from sales.

3. Setting up sales right before Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

4. Staying tuned with the advertising budget whether it allows determining the needs for promotional campaigns and spending financial resources on them.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion strategy can be focused on two initiatives that are relative to the IMC planning. In the context of such planning, the activity in the promotion can be oriented on consumers in terms of trade orientation. This task is highly achievable especially when there is a need for specific brand promotion. The correlation between external and internal factors can be of high benefit for the organization. External factors include the consumer analysis and internal factors include the situational analysis that has been set up in the context of this paper.

Public Relations

The public relations plan for HTC includes the following measurements and steps:

1. Set up SMM campaign in social media;

2. Use print, audio, video media, including TV channeling.

3. Use the valuable internet-resources for placing the banners, including flash ones, based on the Javascript code rotation that allows displaying the relevant information on an advertising campaign.

4. Use Google Adsense system to relate to the integrated resources in marketing due to sharing the capacity of the info amounts

The implementation of the PR campaign should take place with the help of IT experts.

Personal Selling

In the frameworks of the role that personal selling will play in the IMC plan, it would be useful to generate retail operations via distributing channels. It is important to have benefited from sales rising within the frameworks of the IMC perspectives that can be of high benefit for the determination of opportunities that are in the high range. In this regard, the managing initiatives may include the promotional mix elements that can support salesperson efforts. Promotional mix strategy can be consumer-oriented, for it would be useful to stay with the need to take care of the quality of products due to the expert opinions use, and of course, with media support, street banners, graphic info prints that are being distributed on streets, etc.

Internet Advertising

In comparison to the direct marketing approach, the theme of e-commerce is well used due to the unique role that each of these elements plays in the IMC plan in terms of adjustment to the objectives of the campaign. In relevance to the current branding, it would be useful to activate the following aspects of e-commerce:

1. The use of the current needs of organizational performance improvements.

2. The use for the competitive advantage

3. The use of the promotional categorization and benefits/opportunities of the brand in terms of its effectiveness.

Evaluation of Overall IMC Plan

In terms of the measurable effectiveness, the IMC plan can be effective for the unique solution it includes that helps to generate productive decisions on the brand awareness and reworking the good positioning strategy for the selected brand of HTC Re camera. This device was chosen due to its innovative style in design that makes it attractive and fashionable. The use of the camera is high, for it meets the needs of the current market that includes selfie photo and video lovers.

In the context of this IMC planning, it would be useful to generate effective promotional modeling that will take away the weaknesses and deliver strengths to the current business modeling of HTC Corporation. The target market share in the U.S. should be motivated by the marketing mix strategy. The advertising budget would be of a better solution since it can be activated with the benefits of a high quality of branding.

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