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Wealth and Happiness

In today’s society notions success, wealth and income have become so inseparable that people cannot already see the difference between them. It is commonly accepted that people who are wealthy and get a high income automatically become successful and happy. But is it really so?

Success is never a matter of pure luck. Everything happens for a reason. As Jeff Hawkins stated: ‘Success is all about making the right choices, the right decisions.’

To be successful does not necessarily mean to work hard and forget about everything else in the world. You always have a choice, because it is your life and if you do not like what you are doing you will never be on top. As Thomas Prescott said: ‘Love the journey, love your way to success.’

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It should not be also all about money. Getting a high income does not give you a secure life and not all people with high incomes are wealthy. Judy Estrin considers it one of the main principals of success – she emphasizes that entrepreneurship is sometimes being about money, but it can never be just about money. The same idea is supported by Guy Kawasaki, who insists that it is always passion which should come first, not money. Quite often people with high incomes live paycheck to paycheck due to their large expenses and taxes they have to pay from their incomes. Being wealthy means that you do not have to worry about getting your paycheck and still live your normal way of life. Having wealth does not require having a high income, but what you really need to have is strong desire, commitment, and long-term goals. Your mindset and strong will in achieving your targets will lead you to success and wealth, take you to the point in the future where you want to be.

Another thing to be taken into consideration by entrepreneurs is the cause of their work. Before you start doing something, think about the benefits it will bring not only to you but to other people as well. Larry Brilliant gives an excellent example of a Google company that helps the world become fairer, more just and safer.

So, to conclude, when entrepreneurs think about having their own business, they should have a good reason, make the right decision, be determined and passionate about their work, love it, and have a strong mindset. And the last thing they have to worry about is money. These are the ways for an entrepreneur to become successful and wealthy.

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