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In this post, you will be able to learn the main logical steps that will undoubtedly help you to create a research paper that can be called good. It’s a well-known fact that in order to become a professional in any sphere, it is not enough to have only knowledge. This process might be compared to the Olympic athlete who is eager to win the gold medal. As a matter of fact, you need to develop positive thinking as well as the determined belief that you are able to reach your goal. If you take into consideration these recommendations, you will write an A+ research paper.

  1. Choosing a topic

  2. What you are supposed to do in the first place is to decide on the topic which is the most interesting to you and would be like a challenge for you. The amount of perseverance and optimism you will devote to the research work depends only on your personal attitude concerning the chosen topic.

    Try to concentrate on a narrower aspect of your selected subject. Keep in mind that before you begin to write the research, you should ask your teacher to tell you whether he/she approves your topic or not. Make sure that the subject you have chosen will certainly allow you to complete the assignment or maybe some project. If you hesitate regarding this problem, ask your instructor for help.

  3. Finding information

  4. The best piece of advice ever is surfing the Internet. Frankly speaking, there is much essential information on the Internet that can give you many possibilities to get a lot of interesting facts that you need for your subject.

    Checking out necessary URLs will undoubtedly help you to find general facts and background information on your topic.

    The next step is visit your university library and check out the local libraries. In addition, visit some government agencies as well as businesses. I am sure that there you will find lots of relevant material. Apart from that, you could take advantage of an opportunity to talk with people from your community who have much experience and knowledge in a certain sphere.

    Remember that you ought to read and evaluate the material that you have already prepared. Single out the most relevant sites to you. What is more, bear in mind that printing out, making photocopies, and taking notes of the most necessary information is quite significant.

  5. Stating your thesis

  6. The next point to consider is writing the thesis statement. Think critically in case it should be only one sentence. Bear in mind that in your thesis statement you declare your belief. In fact, almost the whole essay will be dedicated to supporting and providing arguments regarding your belief.

  7. Making a rough outline

  8. All of the points must be logically connected with the same main topic that you first stated in a capital Roman numeral.

    The most important thing outline should do is to help you to consider your topic in a careful way as well as organize your points in a logical order before you begin the writing process. Actually, a good outline already means that you will be able to create a qualitative paper. One of the most effective suggestions is checking your outline in order to make sure that all of the information covered in it is logically connected. A perfect outline is a very significant step in preparing an excellent paper. Don’t forget to include introduction, main body and conclusion in the outline. Your first outline should be tentative. So, don’t try to be a perfectionist.


    In this paragraph, you ought to formulate your thesis plus the purpose of your paper so that it could be easily understood. What is the primary reason for you to write the paper? In addition, mention what method you are going to use for approaching your topic. Moreover, explanation of the major points you want to cover would be also highly regarded.


    Here you should present all of the arguments that support your thesis. I suppose, three arguments that could support your thesis statement would be quite enough.


    Here you are supposed to restate the thesis one more time. Apart from that, another requirement is summarizing your arguments. Keep in mind that you ought to provide the readers with the explanation regarding why you have made such particular conclusion.

  9. Organizing your notes

  10. Look through the material you have collected and then organize it with accordance to your outline. Be critical while analyzing information on your topic. Use the most accurate sources, check whether your gathered data is correct and could be verified. Those views that oppose your topic can also be considered because they may be helpful in supporting your thesis. This stage is really of a great importance.

  11. Writing your first draft

  12. You need to begin with the first sentence that you have written in your outline.

    Such actions like summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting directly each point you are going to implement in your essay are really necessary.

  13. Revising your outline as well as draft

  14. Make sure that your paper doesn’t have any technical mistakes, double-check the facts and figures. Always stick to your outline and don’t forget what is the purpose of your research paper and who is your audience.

    The next important step is re-reading your paper in order to find grammar errors. I would highly recommend using a dictionary.

  15. Typing final version of the research paper

  16. As you know, each formal report or essay should be printed, so do this in advance.

    Read through the assignment one more time and check whether you have done everything what was expected from you. Have you met all of the requirements?