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Although it may sound surprising to someone, the fact is that men are intimidated by women. Men know that women are much stronger. A woman is able to perform several social roles at a time: she can be a good mother, a wonderful business executive, and a perfect wife while the only function of a man is to earn money. Men are afraid of what could happen if women were able to open all their potential.

Men’s fear leads to the following phenomenon: the society claims that women and men have equal rights and continues to infringe women’s rights in different spheres of life. Men know how to secretly put women’s ambitions on hold: they use one of the most powerful means to achieve it – the media.

The media suggest the ideal picture of a woman in our society. Thus, women find out how they should look, what they should wear and how they should behave. Men learn how an ideal woman looks and try to search for the exact copy of such perfection. Both women and men absorb and process this information and act according to this pattern. Nowadays women look so nice that it seems that hundreds of models are walking down the streets. The media have gained the purpose and now simply reflect reality.

Some may argue that men are not responsible for the way the media depict women. However, men constitute the majority of all important people in the media – writers, editors, and producers.

Men are aware of the fact that women are much better and try to do everything possible to stay at the top of society. With the help of the media and their influence on people’s views, men exclude women from the most important spheres by making women feel like their only purpose is to be beautiful.

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