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The orientation to college is a relatively classic book and a must-read for students. It gives an outline of the strategies worth using at higher education. In the book, there is a passage on “The ability to relate to teachers and other experts as facilitators and resource persons and to take the initiative in making use of these resources” (pg 168). This would greatly enhance the student’s ability of understanding.

The student’s interaction with his/her teachers would help him/her identify the main points of whatever they are learning. Through the student’s closeness to the instructor, the instructor may give out pointers on the topic under study. Only through creating a close link that the teacher would feel at ease in teaching that particular student. I agree with the author of the chapter containing this passage on the relationship of a student-teacher.

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The student’s ability to translate what the teacher said is enhanced through the existence of a close relationship. The students may enquire from the teacher without fear in the areas that were in-comprehendible. The fact that teachers in themselves are full of knowledge and experience in what they teach, may act as a reference point to the student. Student analytic skills would also be enhanced through enquiring from the teacher on the student take on the subjects under study. In this case, the student has his view but he compares it to the teachers.

College and university education incorporates a lot of critical thinking. It is in this case that the student should not be a loner. The student should be open-minded and ready to consult the teachers and other resource persons. This would lead to intelligent students and more-focused ones.

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