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Results from the e-Activity indicated that I am left minded. This came as a confirmation of what I had believed for many years. Being a left-brained person, possess characteristics such as logical, rational, reliable, and like routines and schedules. People with left-brain like counting on issues and faces difficulties dealing with changes. It is advantageous because they are interested in and enjoy the following rules and numbers. In addition, they show little interest in subjects that are less structured. Left-brained workers adhere to the workplace rules and realize minimum conflicts with their bosses. They are considered objective, analytical and logical.

On the other hand, right-brained individuals are considered subjective, intuitive and thoughtful. They have many advantages such as feeling appreciated, result-oriented, and make decisions more easily. They like taking risks and have a spatial perception. Whole minded people tend to achieve a balance between the right and left-minded people. They gain beneficial characters from both groups but to a lower extent. This means that they can fit in almost all sectors on average. Through this, they form the working group with the highest chances of success in today’s workplace.

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In a working environment, various types of conflicts can arise due to both having people in similar and varying groups. For instance, in the case of two managers with right-minds, their ideas can easily contradict. The problem may arise especially if no manager accepts to give his ideas in favor of the other one. Administering the personality test to candidates during an interview process is disadvantageous because it can generate a misleading perception of the person. The ability to perform a duty in a workplace depends on other factors such as education level, experience, background, and age. This means that it is not right for the interviewer to base his judgment only on the side of the mind. However, it can be advantageous because it gives a crucial initial understanding of the candidate and his ability to handle the expected task. Career field that requires a lot of creativity such as engineering, management, and technology are likely to benefit most from this practice. My working experience at Wal-Mart revealed that managers who were left-brained had problems with developing creative and strategic innovations or brands for the company. However, when the company employed right-minded people for the job, creativity was realized.

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