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For me, breakfast is the most obscure way of starting a day. Breakfast makes me feel that I am missing some of my precious hours of sleep. Still, I manage to subconsciously realize that if I do not wake up, then my livelihood as a student will never exist. As I wake up, I have a problem with picking what to have for breakfast. I am usually torn between cold and hot cereals and any other artery-clot forms of food.

Generally, a bowl of cold cereal is one of the most popular breakfast foods. There is a wide range of cold cereals to choose from. When I feel a sweet tooth, I choose Frosted Corn Flakes by Kelloggs that consist of various grains, sugar, cornflour, and calcium carbonate. However, when I want to maintain healthy eating habits, I choose Honey Bunches of Oats cereal which is made by Post. Its ingredients include whole wheat, rolled oats, corn, honey, and brown sugar. I usually disguise a bowl of sugar with slices of mango or mango juice.

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Another option for breakfast is hot cereal. It is not as popular as a cold cereal because it takes time to prepare, and it is because of this that preparing it does not excite me. However, it is generally healthier and has low cholesterol levels. One of the most common hot cereals is the Quaker oats with 100 percent rolled oats. Grits is another hot cereal that is almost identical in taste with Quaker oats but has a different texture. Both cereals are prepared by mixing two parts of boiling water to one part of cereal and they are ready to serve.

The last category of breakfast foods is the artery-clot types of food including eggs, bacon, and the like. Although it takes time to prepare, it is the most desirable, tasty, and, at the same time, unhealthy food. Bacon comes in different sizes, thickness forms, and even with different amounts of fat. Eggs also come in different sizes and colors. They are usually packed in one dozen or half a dozen. Egg colors can range from blue pastel or brown to white. This type of breakfast ought to be consumed in moderation as it contains a lot of fat.

It is well known that breakfast is the most significant meal of a day and I wish it could have more interesting choices. Although a cold cereal has a good taste, continuous eating of it might negatively influence the human organism due to a large amount of sugar. On the other hand, hot cereal does not provide satisfaction for too long due to its bland taste. The artery-clot forms of food have the best taste but are dangerous to health if consumed in excess. Due to my ‘limited’ time in the morning, I have my leftover dinner meals for breakfast.


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