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According to the definition of Isaac Asimov “Modern science fiction is the only form of literature that consistently considers the nature of the changes that face us, the possible consequences, and the possible solutions. That branch of literature which is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings.” (1952). This definition is very close to my own understanding of what science fiction is. On the one hand, it’s something fantastic, unreal, but on the other hand, it means changes humanity faces today. Let’s say that our grannies perceive the real world as fiction because it changes so fast that it becomes very difficult for them to adjust to it. If in their childhood they were told that one day all information will be accessible to human beings thanks to the Internet they wouldn’t believe it. But it’s happening and we cannot deny the facts. I must admit that thoughts, that one day I’ll feel the same, scare me a lot))). Not to be able to adjust to fast-developing and changing society is a real challenge. What we might think, is that science fiction today may become a reality in the near future. If we consider life on Mars impossible today, it can become true tomorrow. I’m positive scientists will find out the way how to prolong the life of human beings, how to be able to restore any damaged part of the body, how to produce any cells to save lives.

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I have to admit that the definition I chose for science fiction partially coincides with Mary Shelley’s “The mortal, Immortal” writing. In the beginning, she is talking about medicine, which can cure people of love. It seems to be insane at this moment, but I can truly believe that it is more than possible. Love can be explained from the scientific point of view (New York Times, 2009). So if love can be explained from a scientific point of view than, it could be treated as well. Then the author points out that medicine doesn’t cure of love, but gives courage and makes brave. From the chosen definition Isaac Asimov states that it could be an impact of scientific advance. Nowadays it seems to be even more than possible. Just remember what happens to people when they get drunk. They become so confident and all their fears disappear. And at last, the main role of this “magic drink” is to make people immortal. I can disagree with this. And it’s not because I don’t believe that science could get ahead so far, but because I don’t believe, that people would like to get eternal life. As Shirley mentions feelings of the immortal person:” Thus have I lived on for many a year — alone, and weary of myself — desirous of death, yet never dying — a mortal immortal.”

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