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Every person wishes to be powerful at least in one aspect of life. Such a phenomenon can be explained by the fact that only a strong person can become successful in a chosen field, for example, sports, business, art, etc. From the very beginning of human existence, physically or emotionally weak people had no chance to become successful in both personal and professional aspects because power is a vital part of the motivation that moves people forward to become better than the majority of the population. Many definitions of power had already been stated; however, in order to propose a new definition, this issue should be considered more closely and supported by real examples.

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In general, ‘power’ is considered to be the ‘ability’ (Linthicum, 2014), and this statement is rather fair, however, it should be understood as an inner state of mind that defines and coordinates people’s thoughts and actions. Moreover, ‘power’ is an essential part that allows people to make certain decisions and follow them strictly. Therefore, ‘Power’ is the state of mind that influences every aspect of life by determining physical, psychological, and social conditions, which result in further actions. In fact, power has many forms such as physical power, will power, emotional strength, the power to manipulate public opinion, etc.

One of the most vivid examples from life that explains why power is the state of a person’s mind is the fact that a physically weak person can gain strength for some period of time under certain circumstances. Once, I had heard a story about my neighbor who is a rather petite woman and does not have serious physical strength. A few years ago an accident happened with her little daughter when she was pressed down with a car and obviously was in pain. The woman was so scared for her daughter’s life that she overturned the car to save the girl, which would be impossible for her to make under other circumstances. Therefore, this example shows that physical power can come from the mind because, in this case, stress had partially affected the brain functioning and it gave an immediate task to the body.

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