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My Academic and Career Plans

One of my major academic plans is to become a successful student and professional in the fields of hospitality and accountancy. I would like to study for hospitality as my major and accounting as a minor subject. I have greater interests in hospitality and accountancy thus I would strive at achieving higher in the two fields of profession. I also believe that a combination of the two fields of study or professions would accord me a competitive advantage over other job seekers in the job market and an added advantage over my fellow workmates at the workplace. I also believe that the hospitality industry would give me an exceptional opportunity to help other people and be able to work with people from different social, economic, and cultural backgrounds such as tourists from different countries. Similarly, I believe that knowledge on accountancy would enable me to understand the financial aspects of conducting business transactions and running an organization successfully, for example, I would be able to understand and interpret the financial statements of an organization as well as determine the financial position of the company or analysis and decide on the most appropriate investment options that an individual or organization should make in order to attain financial success. On the other hand, my major career plan is to become a renowned entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. I would like to be the chief executive officer of an international hotel as well as to start and run my own hotel.

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What I Am Doing in Order to Achieve My Academic and Career Plans

In order to achieve these academic and career plans, I have been working hard both at school and college in order to attain good grades that would enable me further my education up to master’s degree level. Therefore, this has involved finishing coursework assignments given by the professor, going to the library to conduct research, and reading newspapers and magazines in order to gain current information relating to the two fields of study. I have also gathered greater interests in the fields of hospitality and accounting.

I have also been seeking guidance and advice from people with vast experience in the fields of hospitality and accountancy; for instance, I have sought assistance and advice from professionals in the hospitality industry and accountants as well as close friends, relatives and parents, especially my mother who has vast knowledge in accounting. In my view, seeking assistance and advice from such people would enable me to acquire critical information that would facilitate the attainment of the set academic and career goals.

I have also been selectively looking for the most prestigious colleges and universities that offer courses that I am interested in, for example, I have preferred to study hospitality at Johnson and Wales University because of their well-design and student-tailored programs that adequately focuses on the needs and interests of students.

In addition, I have been reading magazines and scholarly journals such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Business Today that provide the most recent information on issues relating to the hospitality industry and accounting profession. I also often read publications from the federal and state governments, official publications from recognized organizations and publications from research institutes that offer reliable information relating to the fields of hospitality and accountancy. For example, I believe that reading publications from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) would help me gain knowledge on emerging issues such as new accounting standards and principles that would enable me to realize my academic and career dreams in accountancy. For my part, reading such publications keeps me highly informed and updated on the various issues that revolve around my fields of study.

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I would also look for formal employments that would provide me a suitable opportunity for personal growth and development, for instance, I would look for employment as an assistant accountant after finishing college or as an assistant hotel manager after finishing my degree in hospitality. In my view, being in employment is one of the most suitable ways in which an individual can achieve personal career goals as well as attain personal growth and development. For example, working as an assistant account would enable me to acquire practical accounting skills that would prove useful at the workplace in the future; hence I will be able to get promoted based on my work experience, high performance at the workplace and contribution to the employing organization. Working as a front desk at Double Tree Hotel, Charlotte, also enabled me to acquire critical people management skills and interpersonal relationship skills that would enable me to achieve my academic and career goals.

How I Would Add Value to the Lundquist College of Business

For my part, some of the ways in which I will add value to Lundquist College of Business include being actively involved in the class and learning teams, bringing exceptional leadership skills gained from Johnson and Wales College, Charlotte, when I was studying for hospitality to the Lundquist College of Business and also help in resolving conflicts that may arise among students in the class and learning teams. As a person with outstanding interpersonal skills, I will also be able to create strong relations between the students and the tutors; thus, lead to beneficial interactions between the students and tutors in the Lundquist College of Business. I am also a highly organized person thus would be able to organize various activities and events such as sporting activities, symposiums and academic competitions at the Lundquist College of Business. This would help in ensuring that all students are actively involved both academic and extracurricular activities in the college. For example, the skills and knowledge I gained from the successful planning and execution of a Halloween Event in my former school has given me adequate experience in event planning, organizing, execution and management. In addition, I would be able to share my experiences, ideas, skills and knowledge that I gained from my membership at the Accounting Association Club. I would also be able to effectively utilize the leadership skills that I earned from my membership at the Hospitality Leadership Association Club in my former school to bring changes to the management and leadership of professional students’ organizations at the Lundquist College of Business.

To conclude, I would assert that I am very certain that I will be a resourceful and beneficial student at the Lundquist College of Business owing to my past experiences, knowledge, and skills.

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