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I specialize in business, and I have decided that it is Seattle University that will be a proper place to make my dreams come true. Knowing about this University very much, I consider it to meet my best interests. I will try to show why it is this way by putting attention to my goals and how the university can be useful according to them.

I am most looking forward to meeting new friends and realizing all my abilities, which come to the sport as well as to my education. One of the most important ones is to get good knowledge that may help me with my future career and that will be very useful not only to me. I am one hundred percent sure that studying at your University will let me achieve all my goals.

I have chosen Seattle University because it is the University that has one of the best staff of highly-qualified professors. The methodology of your University has got me interested a lot. I think that my knowledge will completely depend on the content of the studying material. Knowing that you constantly receive the newest information connected with my profession, I do not hesitate what University I should join. Knowing that your staff is very polite, has a wide experience and can make every student become interested in any field of studying, I have given preference to Seattle University.

Another reason why I have decided to join Seattle University is that I found out that you spend much time on student life. The international student center is one of the greatest ways to become familiar with the new environment more quickly. It will be very useful to me in order to find understanding among new people. Lots of programs at your University will let me develop my abilities and discover new ones. I consider this thing to be that important. I cannot imagine my profession without leadership opportunities. It is very important in business to take the leading role. It can build up the picture of my being developed from all sides. A leader can make decisions even in very difficult situations. It is something that defines the future success. Having wanted to be a boss, this activity will become really essential in my future life. Besides, different activities let make new friends. These programs will help me become closer to students. I will get not only the knowledge in my field but also I can take a chance to show myself from another bright side. All the programs tend to develop communication skills – something that I really need. I cannot imagine working somewhere without knowing how to communicate with people. It is one of the most important things when it comes to the choice of the right University, as far as I am concerned.

Another thing that makes my choice absolutely clear is the opportunity to go in for sports. There are a lot of sports sections at Seattle University. This will let me choose the section that I really want to attend. Taking into consideration that I have gone in for basketball, football, volleyball, and tennis, Seattle University looks the most attractive University among the rest. It is essential for me to develop not only my mind but also my body. According to Aristotle, if one wants to have a healthy soul, he has to have a healthy body. I completely agree with him. I cannot realize myself completely if I have not looked aside. Being completely focused only on education cannot give great results. It is necessary to look aside. It would have been much better to take up physical activity, as in my case. I have dedicated a big part of my life to the sport, and I could not find a proper University that could approve my hopes. By the way, as I have already said that communication and leadership qualities were of big importance to me. Sport is also one of the best ways to meet new friends and to get leadership qualities. Having been gone in for team sports where it is impossible not to communicate with the team members, this criterion has become essential for me.

In conclusion, it is obvious that Seattle University is a match for everyone. Its advantages come to all my interests, for example, sport, student activities, and the staff. I really believe that only this University will make my dreams come true.

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