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One of the most memorable moments in my life is when I had acquired a scholarship to study in the United States. For me, this country was something that is so far away and to go there was unreal and impossible. On Monday, 2009, I waked up early in the morning to attend chores, the breeze was cool, and the red sun had just shown its first rays. It never occurred to what it will conspire that day.

I had just finished my secondary school studies, and I was looking forward to studying a course at the local university. I have never imagined the possibility to study somewhere else, moreover, in another country. I had passed my examinations very well, and I was looking forward to being admitted to the College in Saudi Arabia. I had also imagined the course that I would study. Considering the fact that I had a lot of choices to be made, I wanted to consult with my teachers, listen to their advice regarding the most marketable courses. During that time, the definition of my life was still very narrow. Everything that I hoped for was to successfully graduate from the local university, find a well-paid job and later enroll for a Master’s Degree.

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That remarkable morning, all my plans were shattered when I received a letter about getting a scholarship and being enrolled in the University in the US. However, I had a cocktail of mixed emotions. It was too much to bear, and first, I found it hard to believe the news. I was rocked by internal debates on the credibility of that scholarship because I did not believe in my own luckiness that I can receive this kind of invitation. Perusing the letter, I realized that the US Government had selected me and other nine students to study in the United States. I found out that I would be admitted to go and study Management Information Systems.

Preparation for my journey soon commenced. The procedure of acquiring my scholarship documents was tiresome and time-consuming. Although, the procedure was long, strenuous and exhausting I was intrinsically motivated to complete it because I was overwhelmed with emotions and completely obsessed with the idea to study in the US. At that time I thought too much about the new life in a different country, I started to experience the American Dream. I had a bad sleep at night, as I dreamt more than enough. When I managed to have a good sleep, I had seen the future stories of my life and adventures in the United States. I could imagine playing with friends after classes then accidental I had knocked one of my friends, and he got injured, parents reprimanded me and threatened to throw me into prison, I decided to run away, the police were summoned to arrest, and they were running away then suddenly I woke up sweating profusely and heart beating incessantly, I realize it was just a dream looking at the wall clock it was two o’clock, I failed to catch up my sleep.

All the preparation for my travel was soon complete the day of leaving was approaching, Since the time I had received the invitation I did not pay any attention to time, only emotions and funny feelings were inside me. Besides, to live somewhere apart from my family was challenging for me as well. However, the thoughts of a new country had captivated me.

On September 17th I was about to depart to America. I went on board and the last words of my father were in my mind. He told me always to remember to be obedient to my superior and respect all teachers and professors, and I nodded with tears.

After eight hours of flight, we landed in America. The trip was pretty exhausting, but I managed to overcome my tiredness. Although the journey was long I had a funny conversation with a person who was sitting next to me, the stout young man was talkative, he had a German accent, and he was going to America to get Post Graduate Degree in Law. The plane landed, we all stroll out with bags to the crowd of people who came to meet his friends and family members. I was lucky to be accepted by a host family who provided me with all the necessary accommodations. I was supposed to stay with this family, for the whole period that I would be studying in America. We got into the car and went home, the city had magnificent buildings and people were all busy as we travel, I realize that the culture of people was different. The way people were dressed was different, the way of socialization differed a little bit, the language was strange as all native speakers speak fast and I wondered if I cope with their lifestyle.

Soon I settled down, and my studies had started. At first, it was difficult to adapt to the lifestyle of Americans because many things seemed unfamiliar. In school, I made some friends who had studied the same course. Learning a new culture was not an easy task. I had to get used to the new ways of socializing, food and etiquette. The family I was staying with was very supportive and helpful they understood my problems and assisted me to understand and adapt to their culture.

Soon life started being easy to me, I made more friends who taught me great issues about their lifestyles. I had spoken poor English but now, it has gradually improved. I am still studying and trying to do my best

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