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The Value of the Success

To begin with, the movie The Devil Wears Prada, directed by David Frankel, shows the life of one provincial girl who tries to find her place in the fashion industry. This is a brilliant drama with some comedy elements. The film has a quality cast. A famous actress Anne Hathaway plays a shy, uncertain, but rather an arrogant Andy Sachs who presses for becoming a second assistant in one of the main New York’s magazines led by arbitrary Miranda Priestly. The director managed to show viewers the atmosphere of the cruel and heartless world of fashion.

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First and foremost, the brilliant play of Ann Hathaway and Meryl Streep should be marked. Ann Hathaway seems to have done her best to show changes from a simple and loving girl to a harsh and selfish person. As to Meryl Streep, she managed to play a resolute, strong, self-confident, but at the same time miserable woman. The characters were very convincing. One more important factor of a successful movie is music. Notably, it was at the highest level. During the moments when people are happy or are smiling, the fast, rhythmical music sounds, and during the moments when characters should suppress the smile, the light lyrical music sounds. Concerning the plot of the movie, it will not surprise the viewers with its uniqueness but they will probably not find the movie with such a bright and amazing actor’s play.

The only disadvantage of this film is its plot. In order to make a film gripping and breathtaking, its director should use a unique plot. In spite of this small defect, the movie is definitely worth watching.

To conclude, the movie is rather impressive. Many important topics were discussed in it, such as people’s relationships, the value of the success, the right of choice, etc. The film had many nominations and won several of them. All in all, it is a fine film that is worth watching.

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