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Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory

The knowledge of motivation as a whole and its main elements can play a crucial role in a person’s life. The paper focuses on the aspects I consider to be the most interesting and useful for my future. In particular, it discusses Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory and Management by Objectives (MBO), the parts I would like to give special prominence to.

First, Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory is the part of the lesson that helped me to re-evaluate the goal-setting process and its significance. As it turns out, the more complicated the goal is, the more people try to reach it. Thus, setting complicated goals helps to express one better and gain better results, because the difficult task encourages a person to express his/her inner potential, persistence, and dedication. Accordingly, this is the key to self-development and achieving success.

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A second interesting aspect I am going to implement is how to set goals correctly according to MBO. Goals should be tangible, verifiable, and measurable meaning that one should rationally evaluate his/her possibilities and set difficult but attainable goals according to his/her skills and level of professionalism. The other useful recommendation is that the goal must be split into small steps between the levels of the organization considering their specializations. The critical rules for goals setting are:

· The goals must be precise, meaning that no vagueness is accepted. Instead, all members of the process must clearly understand their tasks.

· Managers together with employees should take part in the goal-setting process in order to consider all opinions.

· Goal setting requires an exact time period.

· Finally, the process has to include feedback as one of the main preconditions for success.

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To conclude, there is a need to underline that practical use of the gained knowledge can help to set realistic goals and efficiently divide them between the members of the team. Consequently, it will become possible and easier to complete demanding projects in the most efficient manner. This way, one can make a career, develop professional skills, and increase self-evaluation.

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