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My day begins at eight in the morning and, as I wake up, I always think about my goals for the day. I want to do what makes me happy, and happiness is what inspires me to take on what the day brings. I believe that happiness brings a person nearer to the goals he/she has set. I always choose small targets so as to achieve a bigger goal in my life. One of the goals that I have always wished to achieve is pursuing a Master’s degree program in Business Design at Domus Academy. When I was studying the second year in college, I began to shape dreams and plans for my academic and professional future. I could always image myself undertaking the Master’s degree program at Domus Academy, which has been my dream school all along.

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I have always wanted to continue further studies in industrial designing because I have plans for opening an eco-friendly company that produces baby products. I plan that the company will start its operations in Mexico City and then grow to an international company offering model baby products. I know very well that, in order to achieve the goal of the business, I have to overcome smaller challenges that I face on a daily basis and also ensure that the challenges do not affect my happy life. It has been my lifetime aim to see the World Design Capital, which brings together the world’s best creative designers who can be a source of inspiration. World Design Capital attracts different designers including furniture designers, fashion designers, and industrial designers. The exposure helps upcoming and aspiring designers test their creative skills and compare them with the best ones.

Creativity has been my peculiarity since I was a child. I started doing creative work when I was three years old and, at that time, I would paint numerous pictures. I had a close relationship with my mother, and she motivated me to develop the talent of creativity. In my childhood, strong encouragement from my mother made me what I am today. One of the cities I admire, because of creativity, is Milan, and the city’s creativity has made me develop a sentimental attachment to the place of my dreams. In the last two decades, I have lived in many places such as Atlanta, Georgia, Savannah, Georgia, and Mexico, and living in different places with different customs and traditions has opened many opportunities for me. However, I see my future in Milan, a place I want to live in and experience growth as a person while taking advantage of the opportunities the city presents in the field of design and creativity. I want to adopt the Italian way of living, including all features that characterize the Italian style such as Italian food and Italian language. I always follow my mother’s advice that traveling and living in places that are different is an investment that gets the most out of a person.

In conclusion, I feel that the best next step in my academic career would be to go to Milan and take up the Master’s program in Business Design. The program and the city will open the doors of opportunity in the field of design. I believe that it is the next step that I should take to achieve my lifetime dream of being a successful designer. The program and the city will help me improve and develop as an individual and as a designer and, most of all, it will make me a happy person.

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