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Vertigo is a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is a psychological suspense thriller. The movie was released in 1958. The main characters are played by the well-known Hollywood actors, James Stewart and Kim Novak. The movie is highly praised by the critics because it is exciting, intriguing and able to catch the viewers’ attention from the first minute and keep it until the last second.

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The main character of the movie, John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson, is a former police detective, who suffers from a fear of height and vertigo, which is the sensation of loss of balance. Both acrophobia phobia and vertigo resulted in his early retirement. In order to continue his career, Scottie decides to take the job of a private detective and to spy on Madeleine, who is the wife of his friend Gavin. Gavin believes that his wife is possessed. First, Scottie watches how Madeleine purchases a bouquet of flowers and puts them on the grave of Carlotta Valdes. Then he goes to pursue her in the art museum, where Madeleine spends some time gazing at the portrait of Carlotta Valdes. Scottie notices that this Carlotta looks very similar to Madeleine. Later, he follows Madeleine to the hotel of McKittrick, where he loses sight of her. Scottie is intrigued by this case; thus, he finds a historian, who informs him that Carlotta Valdes committed suicide. Later, Scottie’s friend Gavin explains that Carlotta was a great-grandmother of Madeleine. Scottie continues following Madeleine and even rescues her when she jumps into the bay of San Francisco. The next day, after expressing her love to Scottie, Madeleine runs to the tower of the church. When Scottie tries to follow her, he suffers from massive vertigo. Being unable to save her, he sees Madeleine plunge. After this tragic event, Scottie falls into a massive depression. After some time, he meets a woman, Judy Barton, who resembles Madeleine very much. However, her appearance is much more vulgar than Madeleine’s. Scottie is still in love with Madeleine; so, he starts dating Judy and tries to make her look more like Madeleine. When he notices that Judy possesses Madeleine’s necklace, he finally understands that Judy is Madeleine. Thus, he forces her to go to the place where Madeleine was supposed to die and persuades her to confess that it was Gavin, who made her simulate the suicide. When she does, he forgives her, and they embrace. However, Madeleine gets scared by the nun, who unexpectedly appears on the top of the tower, and suddenly she falls from the tower. This time, Madeleine dies for real.

At the time of its release, Vertigo was one of the movies that made Hitchcock very popular among the directors of psychological suspense thrillers. I enjoyed watching it. In fact, I guess, it became one of my favorite movies. I really liked the mystery, which I felt until the very end of the movie. The script for this movie is absolutely perfect. I also liked the costumes, which Kim Novak, who played Madeleine, was wearing in the movie. The attire made me feel the difference between the two women she played and understand why Scottie thought that Judy was vulgar. The music in the movie was absolutely fabulous. From now on, I can say that I really enjoy watching psychological suspense thrillers directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

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